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Burning Sensation Vagina? Burning Itching Vagina? Relief is Here


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STOPS All Burning Sensations in Your Vagina - in SECONDS!


Dab just a few drops of this clear liquid and - INSTANT RELIEF


Clear odorless silky herbal oil stops your burning almost INSTANTLY


You will never ever again suffer from a burning vagina. NEVER

There are few things more painful or socially embarrassing than when you have burning sensation in your vagina or a burning itching vagina.

To try and not wince in pain or to try and not scratch it is virtually impossible. But the burning sensation in your vagina is an obvious sign that something is wrong, as is a burning itching vagina.
The cause of the burning sensation and of the itching is the presence of fungal infection in your vagina.
But before you go looking online for vaginal burning relief there is one very important thing to understand.

If you use the conventional treatment for burning sensation in your vagina or a burning itching vagina,then it will be back in a few months and the chances are – it will be worse than ever.

Because the standard treatments for vaginal yeast infection only kill off the yeast – and the yeast is NOT your problem.

Think about it.
Since the day you were born, your vagina has been visited by yeasts, moulds, bacteria and all sorts – on a daily basis.
And yet you never got infected.

How come?
Becase you had a strong immune system. Thats right, your body has been looking after you and your vagina your whole life.
It is only when your immune system gets tired, or temporarily weak, that the yeast starts to breed and Hey Presto – you have a burning, itchy vagina.

If you kill the yeast, you still have a weak immune system. In fact, if you use the common yeast infection cremes, such as:

then these will kill your yeast infection, but they will weaken your already weaken immune system. Don’t believe me, these are toc=xic chemicals. Have a look at the warning on the packet. And they want you to smear it inside your vagina? NO way.

I have been working with woman looking for vaginal burning relief for over twenty five years. After explaining to them what is going on in their bodies, it is quick and easy to treat them. I have developed a vaginal burning relief remedy called Burning Vagina Doctor.It is a remedy specifically designed to kill the yeast that causes burning and itching vagina – without harming your bodies immune system or natural healing mechanisms.

You simply massage a few drops of Burning Vagina Doctor into your vagina, three times a day and once at bedtime. You will notice that the burning STOPS ALMOST INSTANTLY. This is because the organic herbs used in Burning Vagina Doctor are very powerful.
The itching will stop instantly too.

The remedy is a clear, odorless, silky oil, that quickly and easily dissolves into your skin, leaving no trace. It does NOT HARM YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The herbal oils in Burning Vagina Doctor are: Red Thyme organic extract, Tea Tree organic extract, Marigold organic extract, Lemon organic extract and Sweet Almond organic extract.

The red thyme kills off the yeast very quickly. The tea tree extract also kills off some of the more obscure varieties of yeast spores. The marigold extract and the lemon extract help stimulate your immune system into fighting for itself once again. This only takes a few days. The Sweet Almond organic extract is a relaxant and acts as a carrier for the other, more potent herbal extracts.

I am offering my internet clients the same personal guarantee that I offer my personal clients. If the Burning Vagina Doctor does not get rid of the burning sensation in your vagina, if it does nor stop the itching in your vagina, and if it does not give you INSTANT vaginal burning relief – then you can have a 100% refund – no questions asked.

If you order the Burning Vagina Doctor now, we can get it sent out to you today. If you have any questions about Burning Vagina, itching vagina or vaginal burning relief then please get in touch, I will be delighted to help you.

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately



Customer Reviews

“Your remedy was as good as your word. The burning and itching came and went for two days, then it just vanished.”

V R - Antioch

“I loved the clear, smooth drops, they were easy to apply, no mess at all. Stopped the vaginal burn very quickly.”

T T - Gresham

“I only used a few drops from bottle and it eased the sting in seconds.”

LL - Lowell


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Red Thyme organic extract, Tea Tree organic extract, Marigold organic extract, Lemon organic extract, Sweet Almond organic extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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