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What Our Customers Say

patAchilles Pain Doctor™


I want to extend my sincere thanks to you, my heartfelt thanks for eliminating the pain I was having in my right heel. I have been looking for a solution and relief of my Achilles Pain for weeks now. I have been using Achilles Pain Doctor for seven days now and already I feel the benefits, I can look forward now to doing everyday tasks, going to work, shopping, walking my dog, pain free. It’s magic!



“I am now pain free! “I had suffered from Achilles heel pain for months, and it had started to affect my walking, climbing, and running, causing hip and back pain. After using the Achilles Pain Doctor I am now pain free and the stiffness in the back and hip has practically disappeared in only three weeks. Thank you!




Aching Joints Doctor™


Thank you. Over time, there will be more of us that finally get it, as to natural solutions. I am definitely a walking advertisement for Natural Remedies both from the effectiveness of your remedies and for the warm and timely service you provide. Thank you so very much for your wonderful remedies! You truly have been a blessing to our family.



I was unable to lift my arm for months and with only a few applications of your fantastic remedy, I am now able to do almost anything with my arm. It really does work and has eased the pain in my shoulders too, certainly more effective than deep heat. And a much nicer smell.



Anal Fissures Treatment Doctor™


Your Anal Fissures Treatment is AMAZING! It’s the best treatment for anal fissures on the market, without a doubt. I tried many natural medicines and products which did not stop the bleeding from my fissures properly and they certainly did not get rid of them. I felt great relief from just a few applications of your product, and the fissures were all gone within 2 weeks. Thank you, thank you.



I have been searching for weeks to find anything that would work. I decided to go the natural route and went looking online. The first website I found interesting was yours, and by the way, you have a great site. I got your Anal Fissures Treatment and it arrived very promptly indeed. After only a few days, my fissure was better than it had ever been with any other remedy I had tried. Within 1 week, the fissure was gone. I cannot believe how well your products work. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.


Ankle Sprain Doctor™


“I was amazed” wrote Luke Your Ankle Sprain remedy is working extremely well. I’ve had sprained ankles regularly and have taken months to get over each one. 12 days after this sprain my ankle is almost back to normal size and I’m not limping at all. I’ve never had such a speedy recovery. I was completely amazed! Thanks for the remedy.



I would just like to say a big thank you! I was having a friendly game of basketball and went over on my ankle; the pain was so bad I could not walk. I came across your website, ordered the ankle sprain treatment and after using for only 8 days I feel great improvement and can see a great improvement. Thank you for your remedy that actually works and produces REAL results.



Arm Rash Doctor™


“I just want to say thanks. “Just want to say thanks, I ordered your arm rash remedy after trying lots of different remedies and nothing would work, if anything I had lost hope. My friend recommended your website; said there would be something as you have lots of different remedies. After only a few days my arm rash is almost gone. Fantastic! I would recommend your website to anyone. Thanks again.



Before using Arm Rash Doctor Remedy I was intermittently troubled by very aggressive rashes, the next attack never felt very far away. The Arm Rash remedy not only takes care of any areas affected, but there are no recurrences. The general condition of my skin is excellent too, even in the worse affected areas. A fantastic product!



Arthritis Pain Doctor™


I just wanted to tell you how amazed I was and above all relieved to feel how effective your remedy is. I have been in so much pain for several years now and just wanted a natural remedy that really works. After using arthritis Pain oils remedy I can now lift things with ease and without pain. Simply amazing!



I have suffered with Arthritis Pain most of my life & have tried various products throughout different websites, believing claims that their products work. Until now I have not found that to be true, that’s before I tried your brilliant remedy. For me the improvement was in creditable. My regret is that I wish I had found this website years ago instead of wasting my time & money on things that did not work for me. My advice for anyone who is unsure about this product is giving it a go, you won’t regret it.



Athletes Foot Doctor™


Boy am I glad I found your website. I had a nasty case of athlete’s foot and your product worked wonders. All the over the counter products had very strong chemicals too, so I was put off. I asked lots of questions which were all replied to in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with the whole situation and I now know that I need to wear flip-flops when I am showering at the gym. Thanks guys!



After reading your information I ordered your Athletes Foot remedy and I am happy to report that my problem is over. In a very short time the itchiness went away and I no longer has this problem. Your instructions were great and worked just the way you said they would. What a great athletes foot remedy – every family should have a bottle of this stuff on hand. Thank you for your fantastic remedy.



Bedwetting Doctor™


My little 8yr old girl has been dry for four weeks now and I am so happy thanks to your great Bedwetting remedy. I am so grateful to you for this remedy and all your advice – I never thought we would get here and it is really exciting to think those bad old days are behind us. She has been to sleep overs, and we are going on holiday to Spain next week without the worry of her wetting the bed. Thank you!



I feel inspired after using your Bedwetting remedy, there are so many parents out there that stress about this and your remedy is easy to follow and very effective. It would save us all a lot of time (and money.) if it was widely recognized. I have also been raving about it to friends that are not worried yet, but should they need help for their little ones, they know where to find it. Everyone I tell is very impressed. Thanks…



Blisters Doctor™


It is hard to put into words how much this blisters remedy has helped me. My husband and I both suffered from blisters and enjoy running and walking. Your blisters remedy made the blisters go away, in just days they were gone and haven’t come back. I wish I had known of this great stuff months ago… Thank you so very much…



Hi guys your remedies are brilliant. I have ordered a few different remedies from your website and needless to say that the remedies work a treat. I am really happy with the results I have had and am a customer for life. I will recommend your remedies to all my friends. It’s great to finally find a remedy that works and you can trust.



Boils Treatment Doctor™


I had really bad skin boils in the past that would not go away. No boil treatment I tried would get rid of them. I felt so hopeless because of it. I would even stay in the house and not go out due to the pure embarrassment boils left me with. You have really helped me. It is so EXCITING to be able to finally go out and have a normal life again. Thanks SO MUCH!



“So happy “At first I was very skeptical about purchasing your boils treatment, as I had tried so many different remedies. I figured that if doctors couldn’t stop my boils, nothing could. However, I guess when you are as desperate as me; you will try just about anything to be sure. I had nasty skin boils showing up all the time and I had nothing left to turn to so I put my trust in your treatment. So happy I did. Thank you!



Brittle Nails Doctor™


Just writing to thank you folks. I have had brittle nails for 15 years. But not anymore, your brittle nails oil works so great. My nails are back to normal and I’m all smiles… I will tell some friends who I know that have the same problem about your fantastic remedy. Keep up the great work there’s a lot of us out there who need you!



I wanted to let you know that I have never been able to achieve the success that I have with other remedies that I have with your remedy. I have been to many dermatologists only to say that your condition is really

Not diagnostic after many tests. I have suffered the embarrassment of small thick nails, disfigured fingernails, as I feel the problem has spread to all my nails. I have seen a marked improvement with my nails after using your remedy, thanks for the help you have given many sufferers of “sandal anxiety.” I look forward to a great summer!


Bronchitis Doctor™


yoga” . . .wonderful product, thanks! “I had such bad bronchitis I could barely walk to my mailbox, wheezing and puffing. I really couldn’t imagine what I was going to do for myself. Then I heard about Bronchitis Doctor remedy and sent for it as a last resort. I have only used for a few day’s so far, and there is a dramatic difference in my breathing. It is like a miracle. I would like to be able to reach out to other sufferers in this country and tell them my story (and there are millions of them). I know they would buy your wonderful product, Thanks!



Well, Just wanted to say, since receiving the bronchitis remedy we have been using it (not missing a day so far) every day. Not only have I stopped waking in the night coughing (although I sometimes cough in the morning – early days yet.) but the wheezing has stopped. Also whereas I felt desperately tired in the afternoon, now I don’t. I’m not saying I could climb a mountain or walk across the USA but to feel this much better is nothing short of incredible. I am not saying I am “cured” of bronchitis but it has stopped it getting worse and made my life a whole lot better. Happy days ahead for me, Thanks!

Sally and James


Bruise Doctor™


I would just like to say it has been a pleasure to deal with you. I purchased the Bruise remedy after months of trying all sorts of creams. I bruise easily you see and am always bumping into things, not to mention I have nine grandchildren who are allway’s getting knock’s here and there. This has to be the best purchase I have made in a long time. Many, many thanks.



I would just like to say thank you for the excellent customer service which you have demonstrated. It is refreshing to see that a company which deals predominantly via the internet still has the capacity to acknowledge and respond promptly to customer need. I took delivery of my purchase this morning and I am extremely pleased that not only did the item match the description provided exactly, but it was also delivered between the agreed timescale. Once again – thank you!


Bursitis Pain Doctor™


Bursitis Pain Doctor worked for me! I went to three different rheumatologists and tried lots of different products. I had so much pain and stiffness that my husband had to help me get out of bed, help me bathe, get dressed, and help me in the car so I could go to work. After several applications of your remedy, I could not believe the difference, no more pain or stiffness. What a relief after putting up with the discomfort for five years. Finally I found, something that helps me on a daily basis with my pain. My husband is happy too, thanks so much.

Eleanor and Graham


Thank you VERY MUCH. Your oil remedy cured my bursitis in my right elbow. Now I have it in the left. I very much expect your magic potion will take care of it. Thank you for the wonderful product, your great customer service and speedy delivery. I have already recommended your oils to many of my friends!



Calf Muscle Pain Doctor™


“. . .I am very impressed . .”What a fantastic site … I am a massage therapist, who is interested in treatments for injury. Thank you for your e-mails and telephone calls and for clearing up the matter of delivery. I am very impressed with you and your Company, you have gone beyond the call of duty, you are credit to yourself and the company. Once again many thanks and all the best . . .



Hi there the best thing is that I am no longer so frustrated and I don’t feel like I am living like an old lady anymore at the age of just 23, always hopping around and not putting weight on my calf. I am thrilled with the results and your remedy. It’s fantastic to be able to run again. I can exercise as much as I like now. I’m impressed.

Thank you. Megan


Clavicle Pain Doctor™


“. . .like the good old days! “My shoulder started to feel better in 3 days. After a week I can now cast my fishing rod like the good old days!



I just ordered two bottles of your clavicle pain oils. I have used the oils in the past, but usually there has been a lapse in between uses. Each time I start using it, I can tell a big difference. It works better in the first few days. I was not sure in the beginning if it was the oils or if I was feeling better on my own. I am convinced that it is the oils, so now I am going to use it continually. Thank you.



Cold Sore Doctor™


I have been trying forever it seems to get rid of the cold sores that pop out of nowhere around my lips, I think I have tried almost everything. I get the very big, ugly kind and they always last for what seems to be several weeks. After only a couple of days, my face was all cleared up. I am feeling much better about myself now, I am telling you.



I can’t thank you enough for your cold sore remedy and glad I gave this a try. You must have lots of happy customers who thank you. Seriously though, I have dealt with cold sores my whole adult life and of course, anytime I get stressed out I can count on one showing up. I usually get them around my upper lip and it makes my lip look swollen and ugly. But thanks to your wonderful oil, I don’t have to worry about them anymore. Thank you for ending the cycle!



Colic Baby Doctor™


My little one was 2 months when he started getting terrible stomach cramps. His stomach felt like a rock it was so hard. He would mostly get them at night time. We didn’t even consider that it could be colic. He would wake up a number of times during the night screaming, which is abnormal. We felt this all started when we had changed his formula. Within two days he was sleeping much better and the cramps subsided. Thanks for a good night’s sleep!

Carl and Katie


My 1 month old had been screaming for the past 3 weeks whenever she was awake…I kept taking her to the doctors because I swore something was wrong. After returning home from the doctors I Was relieved to see my package of Colic baby remedy on the door step. From the first few doses, my daughter has actually been happy. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you.


Constipation Doctor™


I have been using it for just over a week now, I honestly noticed a difference after about 5 days. I did have a couple days that were a little rough but every day I feel better. I am getting my life back on track, my tummy is less swollen. I have energy again and am feeling great. It can only get even better from here. Thanks.



I found your website and decided to give it a try even though I knew nothing about it. It has been such a great help to me and the way I live my life. I use it when I need to and if I run out, I soon remember what a great relief the oils are to my system and I quickly reorder. It really works to stop the pain and the other annoying symptoms I once had. I am a customer for life. Even my clothes feel more comfortable, Thank you.



Cramp Pain Doctor™


I used to get dreadful leg cramps in bed, especially in my left leg. I also had frequent foot cramps. It was so painful and embarrassing, especially when I was out shopping or just walking my dogs, people thought I was a bit strange. Night times were the worse though, as not sleeping left me feeling very tired the next day. Now, after using your oils I sleep and have no expected onsets of cramp. I will continue to use when needed, and let you know how I get on. Thank you.



“Fantastic! “Hello, I just thought I’d let you know that I received my order yesterday. As I live in Singapore I thought it would take a lot longer due to the time difference. The order was placed and I received it in the time you stated, which is FANTASTIC! I also just wanted to say thank-you as I sent an email to your customer care and was surprised at the speed of which my query was responded to, ‘plus’ with all of my questions answered in full. Thanks so much for the excellent service.

Kind regards Pandey


Cure Laryngitis Doctor™


I stumbled upon your website when searching for natural ways to help (my daughter). To say I was skeptical is an understatement, but anything was worth trying. To my surprise, your throat remedy was successful from the start. I am holding thumbs up that we have found a lasting solution, and have subsequently used some of your other remedies with good results.

Thank you Paula


My father is using the remedy and he has confirmed that he is definitely feeling better. He got his voice back the same day! He has more energy and I can see that the color has returned to his face, as he used to be very pale and tired. I will encourage him to continue with the remedy but I think he will anyway. Thanks for your support and e-mails.



Cystitis Treatment Doctor™


I just wanted to thank you for a product that works. My quality of life has greatly improved, and I have a wonderful peace of mind knowing this product is all-natural. I tried about 30 kinds of natural and prescribed medications, and nothing seemed to work. After only a few days using your remedy, I started to feel a great improvement. Thanks again.



My wife has been suffering from Cystitis on and off for years. We have tried conventional medicine and for some reason they do not react on her. We bought some products from your website and used them. It worked like a miracle for some reason. Can’t explain it but my wife loves it. Thank you



Dermatitis Treatment Doctor™


To Everyone there, thank you for your response to our shipping problem, really helped a lot. Your remedy has been invaluable in helping to heal my skin condition. It speaks for itself as does your company. I will remain a loyal customer.



Hi there. I recently ordered and received your product package – Dermatitis Treatment Doctor …and after only a short time of using your products, there seemed to be a significant improvement – the first in a long time and a lot of products. Thanks again for helping me to face the world!



Emphysema Symptoms Doctor™


I would like to thank you for this great product, Emphysema oils, Thanks to this little wonder it has helped me with my breathing and when I am walking. I plan to us your products for a long time and will inform others about your products. Thanks again.



I have been at my wits end. I have always preferred natural products. So when I chanced upon your website, I was excited. I have been using these products for several months and guess what – I feel a whole lot better this Fall. This is the first time in years that I haven’t been struggling for breath. Thank you so much. These products are excellent and really do work . . .



Face Rash Doctor™


Not only has this remedy helped me get a good night’s sleep every night, but it has also helped me feel much more positive and confident about facing the world. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to my life… after going through a really bad year. I will always be grateful for your help.



I do want to say thank you. I have been applying face rash doctor for a couple of days now. It works great, I haven’t been using it regularly like I should, I apply it once a day now being busy with work. I can’t thank you enough for such a great product. I shall return again for other products that you offer. THANKS AGAIN!



Fever Blister Doctor™


Fortunately my sister bought me a bottle of your fever blister Oil… It has been a great relief with gentle massage every day, Best of all is I get some sleep after using at night. I have been dealing with this problem on and off for the last few years without realizing there was finally something that would work for me. Being a fan of natural remedies, I ordered your fever blister oil, I had almost immediate relief. Great products that I have reordered.” Thanks a lot.



This has really helped me so much I wanted to write and tell you, so thanks for giving me this opportunity. I know I will be using more of your remedies as they are fantastic. My sister is looking for help and I am happy to tell her about your remedies. She is thrilled because she likes the natural options. Thank you again.



Finger Joint Pain Doctor™


“. . .feeling great . . “I am 69 and I purchased, quite skeptically, your finger joint remedy after it was recommended by a friend, because I have not had much experience with herbal products. After 3 – 4 weeks I could really feel the difference. Now about three months later I apply only if I really need to and am feeling great. My compliments on a very effective product.



Thank you so much for your kind, constructive advice, it has certainly lifted my spirits to hear that a resolution to the problem may be on hand. My friend Catherine was right, you are the most helpful website I have ever come across. Thank you so much for recommending the right remedy for me, can’t wait to be pain free at last.



Foot Fungus Doctor™


“I am a really happy customer “Thank you for your great products. I have just added foot fungus oil and face rash oil to my collection, and I am so impressed with the way that they work. Keep up with the great new products. I am a really happy customer!



I am so grateful to you that I decided to write to you with a testimonial for foot fungus doctor which has been the best thing that has happened to me. I was always wearing socks to hide my feet. Without the oils I never had the option of wearing sandals going out, believe me, I have tried everything. In less than a week I noticed a huge difference, even my mother said it’s nice to see your toes. I can’t believe that my problem has been solved after all this expense and time and simply cannot thank you enough.



Genital Wart Doctor™


I had this embarrassing issue for quite some time and I tried everything available, nothing worked. The warts became so unbearable that I was willing to try anything. So I bought Genital Wart Doctor and had it shipped straight away and what a good decision it was. Amazing product. Thank you!



When I see your remedy on your website I was prepared to give it a try, which was a good decision on my part, as even my doctor was skeptical. I have not looked back, and after two weeks I am much better. It is my lifesaver and I went everywhere with the bottle. Now I am using the oils less and less. Just so happy to be rid of my problem, finally.



Gingivitis Doctor™


The particular problem I was working on has improved. I couldn’t brush that area with my toothbrush and now I can, the raw part is healed. A couple of other sensitive areas have either improved or disappeared altogether. Just tonight I developed a sore spot in the wisdom tooth area. I have no idea why but not too concerned as I know this will help. Thank you. I like using your product. My teeth and gums feel so much better and feel so clean.



My husband and I have both been using gingivitis doctor for a couple days now and are seeing an improvement in our gums. I have had receding gums so I’m confident that continued use will bring continued improvement over time. We both enjoy your product. Thank you!

Brian and Chloe


Gum Doctor™


Sunday my mother was complaining of a part of her gums being sore, she placed a couple of drops on her gum and within 3 hours the discomfort has gone. I am very pleased with the results so far and I am looking forward in seeing my mouth after one complete week. Thank you so much for this product I am not even scared of visiting my dentist this time as I can already see and feel a difference after just 4 days (today being the fourth) I will keep you updated of my progress. Thank you very much.



I must say I am thrilled beyond description. I have only had the product a couple of days and I am already seeing a diminishing of the red in my gums. I have been using tea tree oil for years, trying to get these same results, to no avail. It does burn my mouth but I “brave” it and do exactly as recommended. My teeth have never felt so clean and my gums are already showing improvement. I am SO……….. happy…. I will write again after a couple of months have passed and I really have something to write home about. Thank you for such a superior product.



Headache Pain Doctor™


I wanted to tell you about my son Luke. He is seventeen and had headaches, so we took him to the doctor for a checkup. They said it was just tension and might be from eyestrain. He now wears glasses, but sometimes still gets the odd headache during class. He keeps a bottle of Headache pain oil with him and when he feels one starting, he just takes a few drops. He is like a different person. Thanks!



I have used natural remedies for years, but never come across such an instant-acting remedy like this one. My headache’s usually take too long to go. Thank you for such great service and for getting it to me so quickly. I will use your remedies in future and tell all my friends.



Heel Pain Doctor™


Hi There, I am amazed with the early results of the heel pain doctor, after 6 wks. of agony and walking like a permanent cripple, i used the oils for approx. ten days, and i do not exaggerate when i say that i now walk free of pain and with no limp whatsoever. Thanks for your help.



Hi, just wanted to say a huge thank you about the heel pain doctor oil I bought. When i had only used for two days and my feet felt better. I Have suffered 2 years now and tried almost everything. All i can say thanks, this is by far the best. I Will recommend to all my friends. A must buy for anyone with pain in their feet.



Herpes Doctor™


your product is the only thing that really works I have tried many things and spent lots of money and nothing would work then i tried your product and it was amazing, it worked, thank you very much. MONEY WELL SPENT. I appreciate the professional (as well as confidential) attitude and help from your customer care manager.



I am so very, very happy to hear that the formula hasn´t changed because it is the VERY BEST product, nothing else had ever come even close to it. You just cannot begin to imagine how much suffering your product has saved me from. I just wish everybody who has had the great misfortune to be infected with this dreadful condition knew about your product. So much needless suffering would be avoided. Thank you again more than I could ever express : )



Hip Pain Doctor™


” . .fast service . . friendly advice “I had major problems with my hip, and always felt such pain and discomfort. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of it. Anytime I had pain in my hip, it took forever to ease and always temporary. Since using your lovely oils this is a thing of the past and I sleep so soundly. I have used many of these products and have never been disappointed with their effectiveness as well as the fast and efficient service and friendly advice. Thank you.



Hello, I am very happy with the results I have received using your hip pain doctor remedy. My hip pain has gone. My general wellbeing is much improved since using it. I must also compliment your customer service. I had a rapid response to my query, absolute satisfaction for me. It has been a long time since I have had such a wonderful experience using something that really works. Great work! I will be using your company and your products for a long time to come and will certainly recommend it to my family and friends.



Hives Urticarial Doctor™


I absolutely swear by your fantastic remedy. I feel so much better. My kids tease me because I am never without this product even when we go away on vacation it is the first thing I pack in the suitcase, I would not be without it. Thank you for helping to get this condition under control finally!



I have tried multiple times to get off of my medication in the past only to end up back on them. The side effects of ALL of them were really hard to live with. Two weeks ago I decided to try your remedy that was recommended to me by my friend and got off the medication I’ve been on for over a six months. I haven’t had a rash now for nearly 6 months. Thank you so much. I’ve already been recommending this product to my peers at work.



Itching Vagina Doctor™


Your remedy has been the only thing to bring me relief. I was suffering with awful itching, bad odor and discharge in that area we never mention. Even my husband was avoiding me. Thank you again for a great product, that’s not even messy to use.



Finally. A product to stop the awful itching I’ve had. I would have this problem a couple of times a year. I was frantic to find something. The itching was making me avoid public places, the urge to scratch was horrible. Then I tried your oil and Candidate, it worked. I went to my doctor because I had burning, I was worried I had caught something awful, but he said it was common. Now I have used this little bottle of magic I can say I have no more trouble down there. Thank you, Thank you!



Itching Penis Doctor™


I kept an open mind and after visiting the doctor to get a diagnosis, I was worried about side effects of the medication he prescribed. I found your brilliant remedy online, and it is really helping me with the itchiness, it has virtually vanished. The redness has gone down and I am feeling a lot better – thank you so much.



T I was alarmed when I started to get really itchy down below and didn’t want to visit my local doctor, I have known him since I was a little kid. Lucky my best friend knows your company well, I ordered your remedy and it was very soothing to use, no more itch! Thanks.



Knee Pain Doctor™


Thank you so much for your kind, constructive advice, it has certainly lifted my spirits to hear that a resolution to the problem. My friend pearl was right, you are the most helpful website I have ever come across. My knee pain was 99% gone in 3 days. Thanks.



I just had to write to tell you that I feel so much better since taking my knee pain remedy . I can bend my knees and move well again. The pain is much less and sometimes I even forget that I have knee pain. I used to feel about 10 years older than I really was because everywhere I walked, I walked like an old woman. Now I feel more like someone of my own age. Thank you for what you have done.



Leg Rash Doctor™


They say you grow out of skin problems, well, that didn’t happen for me. The more I tried stuff, the more I had to hide my legs away. Your leg rash natural remedy worked better than anything else I’ve ever tried. No more rashes. Thanks a bunch!



I just couldn’t get over how much better my skin felt after the just a few applications. All the other products that I have tried have dried my skin and irritated it even more, but this cleared my rash AND my skin feels ten times softer and looked so healthy and fresh. Thank you very much.



Menstrual Pain Doctor™


For 18 years I have been dealing with severe menstrual cramps. I have been on every kind of medication, pain reliever and after taking it for several months my body becomes immune and it doesn’t work anymore. I have been on several birth control pills and still had cramps. I have been eating better and taking calcium and fish oil pills. I have been trying everything. being told of your menstrual pain remedy was music to my ears. I use it. I love it. I am really delighted with your remedy and will be ordering for a long time!



I always get really bad cramps in my stomach and lower part or my back but i find that getting someone to rub your stomach deals really well with the cramps as well as going for a run or eating chicken soup also bananas and cups of teas with lots of sugar helps as well. I also find girly nights in watching films and scoffing chocolate helps 🙂 i also curl up into a ball as well that helps me a lot. I checked out your website and ordered your oils, it’s the best thing I ever done. My cramps disappeared overnight! I still eat lots of chocolate :). Thanks for a great remedy that works.



Migraine Pain Doctor™


Finally I found a solution. Migraines were consuming my life and were causing me a lot of problems at work. I’m very happy with the results, this is what I was looking for really, The Migraine pain remedy has helped me ten times more than the usual medicines and pills I was taking. Thanks for making this remedy available to us. This is definitely a “must have” for all people suffering from migraines. No more pills!



“Finally I found a solution “I’ve had great success with the remedy and help from your customer service depth, it is really amazing how powerful this remedy is. I was so desperate to find a solution that I literally spent thousands on useless medications and fake healers. I’m glad I found your remedy and would like to thank you so much.



Morgellons Doctor™


I was told about your website, then I remembered I wrote it down somewhere and spend hours looking for this scrap of paper. I found it and ordered your remedy, I wish to God that I would have sooner. I feel so much better now. Every day is getting better. I’ve been using the remedy for almost two months. I had a huge hole in my face from picking a lesion, when I thought it was an in-grown hair. My sleep is better now. I have so much more energy. I get up early now. I went walking five miles today. I would not have even tried that a few months ago… My production at work is a lot better now. I would recommend morgellons doctor oil to anyone with Morgellons. This is my life saver!



Your morgellons remedy is the best product that I know of for controlling the awful lesions and other symptoms. After using it over a period of time, it miraculously stopped most of the lesions and helped cut down on the crawling and stinging sensations, to the point where I was pretty much in control of my body again. What a wonderful feeling. It did not cure the disease, but it put me back in the driver’s seat so that I could live an almost perfectly normal lifestyle again. I have more peace of mind, and have freedom from most of the symptoms when I am using it. Thanks,



Muscle Pain Doctor™


Within the first week of taking your remedy, I noticed that I had considerably less muscle pain. By the 2nd week, I could hardly believe the improvement. I hadn’t been able to put weight on my right leg when getting out of bed since too long ago. Suddenly, it no longer hurt and I could get right up on it with no pain. Thank you for this great stuff!



As a new mother and on my feet all the time, your remedy has improved my muscle pain very much, I can get through a day and night with great relief and I can recommend it to anyone. Thanks a million!



Muscle Spasm Doctor™


I started using your muscle spasm remedy because I was very keen to do anything I could to look after my health on a daily basis. I have been using your remedy for a few days now and I must say it is wonderful, I already feel much better. So many thanks for a great product.



I will be ordering more of your products, specifically two for my skin complaint and back pain as I believe in them. If they work as wonderfully as muscle spasm doctor, I will be delighted! I have already started to spread the word about your website and marvelous products.



Neuralgia Pain Doctor™


I’ve been suffering from neuralgia pain for months and never felt such pain, it was crippling me. Almost every day I was crying with the pain, and after taking your remedy for 3 days now, my pain has gone. Today is my forth day and I feel great. I feel normal again. Thank you so much for this remedy. It saved my sanity and my daughters!



I have suffered from neuralgia pain for 2 months now. After everything failing to help me I decided to give your fantastic remedy a try. It took very little time before I was able to get normal night’s sleep. This is like a miracle to me, since the lack of sleep was affecting my health in general. I hope my body doesn’t get used to it. Feels great living without such pain . . .



Osgood Schlatters Disease Doctor™


There is little real help for this painful condition. One day while looking for yet another product for my 13 year old son to try, I came upon this site. To my utter surprise, after a few days of use he started to feel much better, he said most of the pain had gone He has continued using your remedy for a few months now, and the effect has been excellent. I strongly recommend using this product.



I will be ordering products from you till my daughter grows out of this painful condition. You might give it some thought to have a “Fan Club Room” a place where we can post our success stories as there will be many I’m sure. keep up the great work!



Patella Pain Doctor™


I have been a ballet dancer for thirty years. I have an old ankle injury that plays up once in a while. I teach ballet now, so I can’t afford to have trouble and pain. being told of your remedy and using it has helped me so much. Now after a few weeks I can teach, pain free and smile more. Thanks for helping me 🙂



I have a bad knee and from time to time it gives me trouble. Thanks to your remedy, when I feel the familiar agony settling in, I quickly use my oils remedy. Thank you for a great product.” What a great alternative to anti-inflammatories!



Period Pain Doctor™


I would like to thank you for creating the oils. It has really helped my period pain. I am 13yrs old and loved most that you just rub it on, it means that I can use it at school and not feel worried. It has reduced the sharp pains I had and have recommended it to my friend who has had bad period pains too. Thanks sooo much!

Megan 🙂 x


I had suffered all my adult life with debilitating period pain and since having children I need to give my time to them. The pain has severely affected my enjoyment of life. I have tried and tested so many tablets and treatments and this little bottle has literally changed my life. Within the first month of using it I have noticed a marked reduction in period pains so I can carry on with my day to day life which I couldn’t before. I am spreading the news about your product and am so relieved to have finally found something that actually works so well and is natural. Thank you,



Red Rash Penis Doctor™


This took only a few days to start working, and I felt definite improvement by day five. I have been using the remedy now for eight days and I no longer have that embarrassing itch or soreness. Thanks for this remedy and for your discretion.



Thanks for this product. I am no longer suffering with this terrible problem. Also, my wife is so pleased with the results, and can’t believe what I have achieved with a natural remedy. Thank you for such a great product.

Colin and Janice


Rheumatism Pain Doctor™


“It was like toothache in my fingers “I had become reluctant to let people shake my hand as it can be like having toothache in my fingers, and the harder my hand is squeezed the worse the pain. But now when I go functions and do’s where I’m likely to have to shake a lot of hands I don’t worry and I know I’ll be fine. Thanks guys



When you get to my age everything hurts a lot more than it used to. I was finding it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning until I started using my remedy. I use the oil while I’m in bed and it loosens everything up. It eases the pain so I can get out of bed and enjoy the day. This remedy has made my life better. I use it before I fly on the airplane and it makes the trip a whole lot more bearable. At my age I want to be spending time with my family and now I can.



Rotator Cuff Doctor™


Your oils have excellent penetrative strength and gets deep into the problem area. Much better than all pain relief products I have tried. It doesn’t stick to your clothes either. To sum up, I think that this is up at the VIP end of pain relief remedies and as always, just like I pack my toothbrush, my remedy won’t be far away on my forthcoming trip to visit my family. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone in need of pain relief. Thanks.



I’ve given it to other people to use at both the golf club and the garage where I work. An older guy at the golf club tried it and after a few days said That’s brilliant, the pains getting better and he is going to order. One guy at the garage have also found it useful, I think he will get some too. It’s a good remedy, Cheers.


Shin Splints Doctor™


I have suffered from shin splints for years. After each run my legs would be killing me. I used your remedy for the last three weeks and it’s brilliant! No more pain! Thank you for your help.



Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fantastic service. Your emails were both swift and extremely helpful. My painful shins are so much better, almost zero pain after a 12 mile run!. I’ll be ordering again very soon indeed. Again, Thanks



Shingles Treatment Doctor™


Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for your prompt action in responding, firstly to my order request, my goods arrived when you said they would and then in responding to my query regarding contact details. My shingles has all but gone, certainly all the pain. I have now placed a further order and look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future. Yours truly,



Just to let you know I have received my order which I am chuffed with. This is the first remedy that does what it says it will do, all my stinging has simply disappeared. I was truly expecting another let down. I have used this remedy and am very surprised. My shingles has gone. You can put that on your website.



Shock Treatment Doctor™


It is more effective than I would have believed. Within a few days I felt much better, and the relief lasts for a long time. Words cannot express how grateful I have been and still am. I was introduced to this magical remedy by my friends wife who used this for only a short period of time. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to friends or family. Thank you.



With reference to our recent telephone conversation re shock treatment doctor which I have been using for the past 2 weeks, I’m very satisfied with the progress. Your remedy has helped me so much and I can’t say thank you enough. I highly recommend it to anybody.



Sinus Doctor™


“What a great remedy! “Your fantastic remedy has totally cleared my head of all the pain and infection and congestion, and since it’s my birthday soon, I’m going to take all my family out and celebrate. They will be happy to see their mum happy and healthy. It’s great to be able to bend down and pick things up without the pressure pain and also to breathe properly. What a great remedy.



I ordered the product a week ago and it arrived this morning. I used it immediately and I cannot stop smiling. Let me tell you. My headache, which I had struggled with for over two weeks, simply vanished before I had put the Sinus Doctor back in its box. Even my wife didn’t believe me. Seriously, I cannot stop smiling. Thank you so much.



Sore Breast Doctor™


I started researching natural products and came across your site and ordered the sore breast doctor and boy, am I glad I did. I haven’t had such relief since my 20s. After a few applications of the lovely oil, I felt better than I had in a long time. My doctor was impressed and so am I. Thank you so much for providing a safe and effective alternative, I am going to tell everyone I know about your natural remedies.



Oh such pain I felt, every month for the past twenty years and now, well, I ordered your oils and just want to sing your praises. I could not lift my arms and even wearing a bra caused so much pain, I had to have them made. If only I knew of this remedy years ago. I don’t have to dread the week before my period anymore. Thanks so much.



Sore Muscles Doctor™


I decided to find help on my own and met up with your web site. I have been using my remedy now for 2 days and have noticed a definite change. I started to notice the difference and, for the first time in years, I woke up feeling refreshed in the morning and in no sore muscles. I had forgotten what that felt like. Thank you for an amazing product, it has helped me to regain control to do what I want to do.



“An excellent product “I am a very keen sportsman and take my sport very seriously. I have tried many products and have never been very impressed until I tried sore muscles remedy. After only two weeks, I began to notice that I could exercise longer and harder than ever before without becoming tired just kept me going and going. I also find my mood has improved and I walk around with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Thank you for an excellent product!



Sore Throat Doctor™


I stumbled upon your website when searching for natural ways to help (my daughter). To say I was skeptical is an understatement, but anything was worth trying. To my surprise, your Sore Throat remedy was successful from the start. I am holding thumbs up that we have found a lasting solution, and have subsequently used some of your other remedies with good results. Thank you.



I purchased this product after my son and daughter complained of sore throats. They have both been using this for a few days and already they are feeling better. Thank you for the excellent service!



Strep Throat Doctor™


I was tired of getting strep throat all the time, going to the doctor and always getting a prescription of antibiotics. A lot of times the strep test would come back negative and they would not do anything and say it was just a virus. I found this site and figured what the heck. This stuff rocks. Anytime I have a sore throat now, I apply the oil right away and within a few days my throat is feeling good again. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.



I developed an infection in my throat months ago. I had white spots in the back of my throat and at times, black spots of stuff. I tried everything natural I could think of to stop it, but nothing was potent enough. I went to the doctor, didn’t help much and the antibiotics just made me feel sick. I could hardly swallow because of the pain. As a last resort, I looked up natural remedies and came across this website. I found Strep Throat Remedy. As soon as I started using this remedy, the pain immediately started to go away. In two days, the pain was completely gone, and not long after, so was the infection. I kid you not, I stand by the potency of this product. I was simply blown away. Thanks!



Teething Baby Doctor™


“I was at breaking point “When I first came across this website, I was truly at breaking point. My teething 8 month old baby was in a huge amount of pain that conventional medicines weren’t helping. He was also running approximately 2 temperatures a week and I was very unhappy that the GP’s couldn’t do anything to help. My baby was so unhappy, it was making everyone in the house unhappy, including my 4 year old who I could barely spare 5 minutes for because the baby had become so demanding. My first thought when I found this website was genuine disbelief. There’s no way something this simple could help, BOY was I wrong. Thank you, Thank you!



After ordering your teething baby oils in May due to my little one suffering terribly with teething, within 24 hours he has never had a bad teething day since (this is even with cutting all 4 molars at once within the last month.). My friends were so impressed that I gave them your details and they have bought it for their little ones as well, and they have all been amazed at how quickly the oils seem to work for them. Thanks a lot.



Temple Pain Doctor™


After having tried all kinds of products for my Temple pain I was quite discouraged, because nothing seemed to help. I found out about your remedy through a friend who had bought it for her Husband. I learned that it helps people with this condition and I decided to give it a try. Within one day I noticed a big difference. I will tell everyone about your site. Thanks!



I recently purchased your temple pain oil for my mum. Not only does it help with her temple pain, my mum and dad can now get a great night’s sleep. They both have not slept for weeks now and it was showing in their daily life. Thanks a lot.



Tendonitis Pain Doctor™


“Thank you so much “This tendonitis oil which I started using in June has done wonders for me. The tendonitis which had bothering me for years in my left elbow is gone. Up until I started to use this oil I had tried everything from therapy treatments to a cortisone injection. The tendonitis always came back….NOT NOW. Thank you so much.



My partner had a severely scarred upper-arm tendon and after weeks of physiotherapy, including laser therapy, ultra sound etc., he was still in a lot of pain which this remedy has stopped almost immediately. I am ordering more to have it available if necessary.



Thrush Treatment Doctor™


I was extremely skeptical about your product for thrush, and worried about my privacy too. I work in a busy office and wanted the package delivered there. After seeing your money back guarantee and your privacy promise, I decided to try your thrush treatment, as I had nothing to lose. Boy am I glad I did :-)) The stuff works like a charm. It clears thrush quicker than anything else around. Thank you for a wonderful product.



We have been using your remedy for a little over a month now and our lives have been completely rejuvenated. We are no longer plagued by yeast infections. I am amazed by the conclusive effectiveness of your thrush remedy and wish to sincerely thank you for liberating us. Thank you so much; My wife and I are forever in your gratitude.

Kevin and Lynne


Thumb Joint Pain Doctor™


I ordered your joint pain remedy a few weeks ago, and must say that I am truly surprised at the results I am getting. The day that I got this stuff I was the middle of a bad case, and rubbed it onto my joints. Almost immediately I noticed a difference, and I didn’t feel so stiff. I am happy to say that it quickly got rid of pain, much quicker than waiting for it to go away on its own that is really impressive. Thank you again for this wonderful oil, this has really made my days much easier.



My poor mother has suffered with arthritis for so many years, I have been hunting for something to help her for a long time, and was so happy to find this oil, as it really sounded like it was the right thing for her. My mother is so much livelier now, she almost has a new lease on life, because I don’t think she worries anymore about getting that pain in the back. My mother and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Chris and Margaret


Tired Feet Doctor™


After reading your information I ordered your Heal tired feet oil product and I am happy to report that his problem is over. In a very short time the dull ache went away and he no longer has this problem. Your instructions were great and worked just the way you said they would. What a great tired feet remedy – every family should have a bottle of this stuff on hand. Thank you for your fantastic oil



Thanks to your sound advice and superb remedies, my feet problems are a thing of the past. I have recommended them to a girlfriend, and she’s already seeing results after only two weeks. Thanks ever so much.



Tired Legs Doctor™


After about nine days, I noticed that I hardly ever needed to use my remedy, as there were no tiredness anymore. However, I keep it handy “just in case”, especially when traveling. Thank you for lifting this curse from my life.. What a relief that I could find help . . . Again, thanks.



After using your tired legs remedy not only did I feel an immediate soothing effect, I was also up and about after just a few days. I am so pleased I found this oil and it’s not sticky on your skin and clothes. Thank you so much.



Toe Joint Pain Doctor™


“This product is amazing “This product is amazing. I have never written a review for anything. But this product is a miracle. I ordered only this remedy, but will definitely consider buying others. This product worked within days and continuously. I have never had any product work ever so effectively.



I must say it truly helps. For me the change was really quite quick. Since using this toe joint pain remedy, I still get little bouts from time to time but within normal ranges. Even when I am just sitting at my desk I used to have to take my shoes off as the pressure was too much on my toes. Sure my boss is happy I found your remedy!



Tonsillitis Doctor™


“better than anything I’ve ever used “This tonsillitis remedy is so great, that words alone can’t say. I have always had issues with my tonsils but this product has worked better than anything I’ve ever used. I have suffered for what seems, forever and thought I might have to have my tonsils out but thanks to your oils, I don’t. You must try this, you’ll be hooked, and I kid you not!



The oil remedy you provided works wonders for my son who had suffered so much. I would recommend this (I have been recommending on various forums) this remedy to anyone with a child who suffers from recurrent tonsil issues. This was my second bottle to order from you, I have never looked back since I started using the oils, the oils are also easy to use so that’s a comfort to me and my son. Thank you very much.



Torn Ligament Pain Doctor™


I have suffered for a week now. I have not had ligament pain in a long time, then suddenly I went over on my ankle. I tried all sorts of remedies, they didn’t do it, so I went online and did some research and was delighted when I came upon this website and found your remedy. I have had great success with this product. I am using it every day and it is making my life so much better. My ankle is weak now you see. Thank you for giving me some enjoyment back in my life.



“absolutely amazed! “I decided to give it a go and I have been absolutely amazed at the results. I did not realize there was a natural treatment for a torn ligament, thought I would just have to suffer until it healed. Not with this stuff, a miracle in a bottle, Well, that’s how I feel anyway, I feel much better and I cannot thank your company enough. Thank you for your remedy.



Torn Muscle Doctor™


Greetings. We wanted to write in and let you know that everyone in our bowling team is happy we found your remedy. We formed our team especially for bowlers over the age of sixty. Our children thought we were mad, but this year we made it through the first round of our mini-tournament. We have no trouble lasting till the end of a game, then I suffered a tear in my ankle. using your remedy has helped with the healing time and I can now play again. Thanks to your remedy we might win . . .



My daughter has been using your remedy along with the meds she had been given by the doc, and we have noticed a big difference and We are very grateful for your help. She plays tennis on a regular basis so you can imagine her frustration. She has had this before and didn’t heal as quickly as she has done, I know it’s your remedy that has speeded up the healing. Thanks so much.



Verrucas Doctor™


I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and great results I had with your verruca remedy. I have had verrucas on my feet for years. For the past 8 months I have taken on this mission to get rid of these monsters and tried every remedy I could find, including other all natural products, nothing worked and the verrucas actually got bigger from these other treatments. After more searching on the internet I found your product. I applied your verruca remedy every day, after 2 weeks and the verrucas completely disappeared. It is amazing. Thank you so much.



“miracle come true “To Whom It May Concern – Wanted to let you know that your verruca oils was a miracle come true. My daughter had verrucas all over her feet, bottoms, sides, you name it. We used your remedy and ALL of herverrucas are gone. TRULY AMAZING! I could hardly believe how they started to disappear. Thank you.



Wart Doctor™


I want to thank you for your Wart remedy oil. I had been to my dermatologist 3 times to help get rid of the flat warts on my face. Unfortunately, the ointment he gave me was useless and the warts began to multiply and increase in size. It was so scary. I stumbled upon your website while searching for a solution to my problem and decided to take a chance on your remedy, I am so glad I did. After using the remedy for about 4 weeks, all the warts are almost gone, I had over 10. It is such a treat to see my beautiful skin back as good as ever. Thank you.



I just wanted to let you know I used your Wart doctor remedy regularly, applying twice a day to get rid of this annoying plantar wart on my foot. As you instructed, after about 3 weeks the wart was pushed out from under the skin and then completely flaked away. Thanks so much.



Water Retention Doctor™


I have to tell you how pleased I am with the results I’ve received with the water retention remedy. For years I have had retention in my ankles, especially my left one. I found your website by accident and tried the oil remedy. Within a fortnight my ankles were back to normal and have remained that way for the most part. I am so happy that I have finally found something that will help with this problem. Thank you.



I just want to let you know that the remedy you sent to help with my swollen ankles and feet has worked really well. I have only been taking it for a week now and I can finally start to see my ankle bones again. Been a long time. Thank you so much.



Wound Doctor™


Discovering your wound doctor remedy has been so wonderful that I have told all my friends at the retirement village where I live. Thanks also for the help and support in writing to me. As a ‘senior’ I don’t know how I ever lived without the internet when it brings such help and convenience. Thanks again.



“Awesome “I think this remedy is awesome. over years I have had many cuts, grazes and wounds that took forever to heal. I was frustrated and determined to find something that would do the job fast. Thanks to a search of the net, I found you guys.. I would recommend your site to everyone. Thanks so much that it’s also NATURAL. Keep it up!



Wrist Pain Doctor™


I have suffered from wrist pain for the past two years and normally use prescription drugs to deal with the problem, but they leave me feeling rather light headed for some while after taking them. When I first heard of your remedy through a good friend, I didn’t believe that it would be any more effective than aspirin. After trying your remedy for the first few applications, I was astonished that after a few days the pain was completely gone. Thank you.



I am happy to report that my wrist pain is much better and am on the mend and improved tremendously. My brother has now also ordered this product as he also has wrist pain. I am encouraged using this oil and will tell all my friends, as will my brother. What a fantastic remedy.