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Trigger Finger Surgery? Trigger Finger Surgery Recovery Shocker


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No Need For Trigger Finger Surgery


Herbal Treatment Releases Fingers FAST!


Avoid Weeks of Painful Trigger Finger Surgery Recovery


This is the ULTIMATE Home Remedy for Trigger Finger

If you have got Trigger Finger, or Trigger Thumb, then you have a big problem, that problem is this.
The only treatment that conventional medicine has for you is Trigger Finger surgery.
Trigger Finger surgery is bad enough, in that it is expensive, painful and not guaranteed to work. But the biggest problem with Trigger Finger surgery is the trigger finger surgery recovery time,which can be anything from a few days to a few months.

Can you honestly be without the use of your hand for months? No, me neither.

I have been helping clients with Trigger Finger for over twenty five years. Many of my clients wanted to avoid trigger finger surgery, and they had looked in vane for a home remedy trigger finger that actually worked and released the finger. That is why I developed Trigger Finger Doctor, which is the only effective alternative to trigger finger surgery.

The thing that is locking your Trigger Finger in place is inflammation or scarring of your tendon sheaths around the flexor tendons. It stands to reason that if you can reduce the inflammation in the sheaths then the pain reduces and the finger unlocks. Plus if you can stimulate the bodies own healing mechanisms, then the fingers will be back to normal in no time a all.

That was why I developed Trigger Finger Doctor. First it reduces pain in the finger – or thumb. Then it quickly reduces the inflammation by relaxing – and restting the natural healing mechanisms around the finger. Thirdly it stimulates the health promoting healing mechanisms to stop the condition starting again.

The remedy contains powerful plant extracts which have been proven to reduce the pain, the inflammation, and quickly releases the finger back to full, painless mobility. The herbal extracts are Clove organic extract, Rosemary organic extract, Geranium organic extract, Juniper organic extract and Sweet Almond organic extract.

Each herb carries out two or more functions, but in essence the clove reduces your pain, the Rosemary reduces inflammation, the Geranium and Juniper both stimulate your bodies natural healing mechanisms to ensure that you get rid of Trigger Finger – without surgery – and using the remedy once or twice a week will ensure that you never get it again.

You simply massage a few drops of the clear, odorless, silky liquid onto your Trugger Finger three times a day – and once a bedtime. It should start to go in a few days. Use it once or twice a week to stop it from coming back. This is especially important if you got Trigger Finger fro an activity at work.

I offer my internet clients the same risk-free treatment I offer my private clients. If the Trigger Finger Doctor does not sort out your Trigger Finger ligaments, or you are not satisfied for any reason at all, then you can have a full refund – no questions asked. That is only fair.

If you have any questions about trigger finger, trigger finger surgery, trigger finger surgery recovery times or home remedies for trigger finger then please get in touch, I will be delighted to help you.

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Customer Reviews

“I had booked my trigger finger surgery then saw your treatment on a YouTube video. I had nothing to lose so I got it. Thank God I did.
My finger unlocked in three days. The pain had gone in six days.”

Mark H - Burbank

“Your Customer Service lady suggested That I try the Trigger Finger Doctor before surgery, and she was right,I had a refund guarantee. Please pass on my sincere thanks.  I have been using power saws for fifteen years and was really struggling passing work on to the younger co-workers. My fingers are ok now… could you please send me another bottle.”

John A - Sandy Springs

“I tell any body, if you have trigger finger, forget all the online home remedies for trigger finger, get this stuff, it works man.”

Freddy G - Daly City


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Red Thyme organic extract, Geranium organic extract, Rosemary organic extract, Black Pepper organic extract, Sweet Almond organic extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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