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Clavicle Support – Clavicle Pain Treatment – Severe Pain Clavicle Area


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PROVEN NATURAL Clavicle Pain Treatment


Can Work in Conjunction with Your Clavicle Support


Reduces Pain & Promotes Healing


Even with Severe Pain in Clavicle Area

Over the last twenty five years I have seen many men and women, young and old, looking for a help with a clavicle injury. Before I share with you a simple way of speeding up the healing of any clavicle injury, lets first answer the common question, what is the clavicle bone?

What is the clavicle bone?
In the human body, the clavicle, which is sometimes called the collarbone, is the bone that acts as a strut between your shoulder blade and your breastbone. You have two clavicles, you have one on your left side and one on your right side. Your clavicle is the only bone of any length in your body that is horizontal.

If you have injured or broken your clavicle then you may need to get it checked out by a Doctor. They will make sure that the bone is aligned correctly, then allow Mother Nature to heal your damaged bone. The Doctor may also recommend that you use a clavicle brace to help keep your clavicle in the correct position whilst it is healing.

There are many different types of clavicle brace and your Doctor may recommend a particular design for you. Or if you are not seeing a Doctor, then simply go to Amazon or Ebay and type in “clavicle brace”. I just did a quick search on Amazon and saw there are over 500 suppliers of clavicle brace or clavicle support.

The problem, no matter what form of clavicle support you choose to use, In my experience of treated hundreds of people with clavicle injuries, you are letting yourself down if you do not something to speed up the healing process. Many Doctors and therapists are not aware of the breakthroughs that have been made in herbal therapies.
Now you can speed up the healing of your collarbone injury, and reduce pain and discomfort, by simply massaging into your clavicle a few drops of herbal oils.

After researching with my own clients, who up till tht point had only used a clavicle brace, I was able to speed up the healing process by as much as 43%. They also reported a noticeable and almost instant reduction in clavicle pain and discomfort.

The treatment I developed for clavical injuries is called Clavicle Pain Doctor.It consists of a blend of 100% natural and safe organic herbal oils. You simply massage a few drops into your clavicle three times a day plus once at bedtime. That is it. The remedy will speed up the healing of your clavicle injury and reduce the clavicle pain.
The blend is clear and odorless so it will not stain your clavicle brace.

The remedy has proven so successful with my clients that I now can offer you a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose – and a lot of healing and pain relief to gain.

If you order it now I guarantee it will be sent out today. If you have any questions about clavicle brace, what is the clavicle bone or clavicle supports then please get in touch.

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Customer Reviews

“After breaking my collarbone, I was given a clavicle support to ease the pain, but it didn’t seem to reduce the pain at all.
I heard about your clavicle pain treatment from a physiotherapist, who told me to use your herbal remedy along with the clavicle support. After less than a week it seems to have reduced my pain and I can feel my collarbone getting stronger. The sooner I am healed the sooner I can get back out having fun.
Thanks for your collarbone healing treatment, it has really helped me.”

Anita O - Kansas City

“Your Clavicle Doctor clavicle pain treatment helped me more than the therapist and the clavicle support. It reduced the pain in my clavicle area and helped me sleep.”

John C - Long Beach

“I broke my clavicle and had severe pain in clavicle area 24 hours a day. Your Clavicle Doctor reduced the pain the same day and I am sure the natural healing herbs are helping me, thanks so much.”

Theresa H - Mesa


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All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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