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Fast Cold Sore Treatment Proof Best Cold Sore Remedy on Cold Sore Lip


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Gets Rid of Your Cold Sores - FAST


Just a Drop of CLEAR liquid - NO MORE WHITE PAINT!


Fast Cold Sore Treatment


Voted Best Cold Sore Lip Remedy

If you have a cold sore on your lip, don’t worry it is very common and it can be sorted. In fact there are over two and a half million pages on Google about cold sore lip and there are over 26000 videos on Youtube to do with cold sore lip. So, don’t worry and lets look at what can be done about it.

You are normal right? So you are probably looking for a fast cold sore treatment. That is you want to get rid of that cold sore on your lip as fast as possible.
There are a lot of cold sore lip treatments on the market, you only need to go on Amazon and there are tons to pick from.
Before you decide which fast cold sore treatment to choose, you might want to bear this in mind.

1) Some cold sore treatment are bright white in colour. So whilst it may or may not get rid of your cold sore lip, it will certainly broadcast to the world that you are treating your self for cold sores.
2) Most fast cold sore treatments are made from chemicals that are quite strong, some of them even say do not put in your mouth! Can you believe it?
A fast cold sore treatment for cold sore lips – and you are not to put it in your mouth???
The thing to remember is this. Your immune system is probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Do you think it is going to feel better if you stick toxic chemicals in your mouth? No, me neither.

Many of these fast cold sore treatments say that they are the best cold sore remedy. Well, they would wouldn’t they.
But what do they mean by best cold sore remedy? Do they mean it gets rid of your cold sores using toxic chemicals.
Or do they mean their best cold sore remedy will eventually, some day some time get rid of your cold sore lips?
If you are looking for the best cold sore remedy, then I would suggest that you choose a cold sore lips remedy that will not poison or weaken your immune system.
I would suggest that you choose a best cold sore remedy that is clear so that the public don’t even know that you are treating yourself.
I would choose a best cold sore remedy that is natural and yet powerful, one that is proven to work.

Over twenty five years I have treated countless men and women, young and old, for cold sore lips, and I have always treated with y
unique blend of powerful herbalextracts, called Cold Sore Doctor.

This is a fast cold sore treatment with a difference, it is guaranteed to work or you can have your money back. This best cold sore remedy realy is that good.
You simply dab a few drops of this clear liquid onto your cold sore lips several times a day. (The bottle is small so you can carry it with you.)
Your cold sores will begin to shrink almost immediately. This is because the plant extractsin this remedy kill the herpes virus on contact.
After a few days your cold sore lips should be clear, if not, use for a few more days and that will do it.

You have the same 90 day satisfaction guarantee that I offer all my private clients. If you have any questions about cold sore lips, fast cold sore treatment or best cold sore remedy then please get in touch, I will be delighted to help you.

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately


Customer Reviews

“I was sick of the embarrassment of cold sores on my lip. I was looking for a fast cold sore treatment that really worked.
It was my friends mom who told me about Cold Sore Doctor. It is a clear liquid and like you said, just a few drops dabbed on a few times a day. My cold sores are now gone, it did work very fast, and I am going to keep this with me in case they come back.”

Joe N - Atlanta

“This is the best cold sore remedy I have ever known. My cold sores vanished in a few days. Thank you so much. ”

Floella D - Colorado Springs

“I had lived for fifteen years with cold sore lip, but not any more. The Cold Sore Doctor treatment is a must if you have cold sores on your lip.”

Barry H - Virginia Beach


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Geranium organic extract, Petitgrain organic extract, Rose Absolute organic extract, Citronella organic extract, Sweet Almond organic extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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