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Alkaline Drops


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Alkaline Drops


Just a Few Drops Stops All Itchy Penile Head, Penile Shaft & Itchy Balls Stopped Instantly


Clear Odorless Liquid Stops Penile Itching - Within One Hour

Itchy Penis treatment

“I was scratching my itchy penis continually – it was was very embarrassing. Your remedy stopped it all in under 10 minutes. Thank you.”
W. Sharma – India

If you are suffering from itchy penis, itchy penile head or severe penile itching then here is good news for you.
You now have a natural remedy which is much more safer, yet more powerful than the poisonous cremes,and toxic drugs that are usually prescribed by your Doctor.

The treatment is called IP Doctor, (which is a much more discrete name than Itchy Penis Doctor!).
IP Doctor was specifically developed to quickly and safely get rid of itchy penis symptoms, itchy penile head, including itchy shaft, glans or tip, itchy ball or scrotum, plus severe penile itching.

Almost all penile and scrotal itching is caused by a fungal infection.
REMEMBER THIS The reason you have an itchy penis is NOT because of the fungus. You have an itchy penis because,for whatever reason, right now, your immune system is weak.This has allowed the fungus to start feasting on your penile skin.

So, if you use a standard yeast infection, or fungal infection treatment, that treatment will be made from powerful, possibly toxic man made chemicals – THESE WILL WEAKEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM FURTHER!
If you use Clotrimazole or Terconazole based cremes, then you are asking for trouble.And remember – it is your penis they are damaging.

So you need to kill off the fungus – without weakening your immune system any further!
IP DOCTOR will NOT weaken your immune system.
It will get rid of your itchy penis, penile itching, red rash on your penis, itchy penile head and any bumps and spots too.
Simply dab a few drops onto your penis three times a day. The liquid is clear, odorless and really works.

Unlike the other products for yeast infection on the penile skin – this IP Doctor is 100% GUARANTEED top work or you get a full refund. The guaranteed is for a whole three months. So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You penis skin will no longer itch, your penis head will no longer itch – in fact penile itching will be a thing of the past.Use IP Doctor once a week to stop itchy penis from ever coming back.

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately



Customer Reviews

“My itchy penis was terrible, really driving me crazy, Plus all the scratching meant I cut the penis shaft and it was bleeding.
I rubbed three drops of your remedy on and INSTANTLY it STOPPED, like a f***ing switch! I now carry this in my kit bag and will NEVER be without it.”

Steve T - Davie

“My balls were itching, my penile shaft and head were itching but I was too embarrassed to go to the drug store. Jeez I am so glad I found your site.  After 3 days I can honestly say I felt like crying, all the itching has gone. I am happy, really happy.”

Dennis D - Greeley

“I was worried I had an STD, but I haven’t had sex for ages. My cock was so sore. I looked up penile itching online and found your treatment.
I ordered it and it arrived a couple of days later, in a non descriptive parcel, just like you said. I put it on and I started to notice the difference within 5 minutes. So I put some more on, yes know I didn’t need to, but I was so relieved.
Now I no longer have penile itching or itchy balls, a great treatment, thanks.”

Nigel M - Vista


The following Ebooks will be sent to you with every purchase of this Itchy Penis Treatment

itchy penis advice and treatment

5 Secrets That Boost The Energy To Your Penis!

Three Secrets! The Perfect Food For Perfect Skin on Your Healthy Penis

The 3 Perfect Foods For Your Perfectly Healthy Penis!

 Itchy Penis treatment

How to Be a Athlete –
In and Out of the Bedroom!

If for any reason at all you wish to have a refund, simply ask and we will refund your money instantly with just one click. You can keep these three amazing books as our way of saying thanks for placing your trust and trying our itchy penis remedy.
You have nothing to lose – and so much health to gain.


Red Thyme organic extract, Tea Tree organic extract, Marigold organic extract, Lemon organic extract, Sweet Almond organic extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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