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If you have bumps on your penis then you have my deepest sympathy.
In my twenty five years as a natural health researcher, I have treated many men who suffered from bumps on penis symptoms.

Let me say first of all, that if you have been sexually active in any way, then you should go to your Doctors or your local sexual health clinic, just to be on the safe side.

Bumps on Penis Cause

Whilst I do not say that I know the exact cause of your bumps on penis symptoms, I do know that more men are suffering from this terrible condition and more research needs to be done into the underlying cause of bumps on penis symptoms.

My own research has revealed that most bumps on penis symptoms can be caused by a fungal infection, and this is very easily treated.

Many men are embarrassed by having bumps on their penis. As a man myself, I understand the worry. But let me assure you, that millions of men go on the internet every month and search for bumps on penis and red rash penis information.

Penis Bumps

I did a little research and men are searching for bumps penis, lumps in penis, penis skin problems, pimples penis, bumps on my penis head, penis head bumps, penis skin rash – so you can see, you are not alone!

If you have not got a sexually transmitted disease then I am 99% certain that my
RRP Doctor remedy will quickly get rid of your penile bumps.
The remedy is a silky smooth, clear blend of very powerful antifungal oily plant extracts.

How To Stop Penis Bumps

Simply massage a few drops onto your penis and genital area 3-4 times a day
and once at bedtime, and your bumps should be gone in a few days, certainly within a week.

In my own research, I found that a blend of five organic plant extracts helped reduce the suffering in almost everyone who tried it.

I found that I got better results using organic extracts, which may suggest that their is some allergy or toxin connection, but I cannot be sure of that. Basically, the purer the extracts, the better results I got.

The five extracts I had excellent results with were:

Organic Thymus vulgaris
Organic Melaleuca
Organic Calendula
Organic Citrus Limon
Organic Rosa Damascena
Organic Prunus dulcis

I have had excellent reduction in symptoms with this blend.
I have called the blend RRP Doctor and you can obtain it below.

If you order RRP Doctor today, then myself or one of my staff will blend it and get it sent out to you today.

It is delivered in an unmarked packeage and the remedy simply says RRP on the label, so don’t worry!

Listen, I know what it is like to be ill, and I know what it is like to get better.
Healing starts in your mind.
Be positive.
Decide to do what you can to heal yourself.
By all means look for rash on penis, red rash on penis, rash on my penis, rashes on penis, penis rashes, bumps penis, lumps in penis, penis skin problems, pimples penis, bumps on my penis head, penis head bumps, rash in penis, rashes on the penis, itchy red rash on penis, skin rash on penis, penis skin rash – but do not let the horrible pictures and negativity get you down.

Be proud of yourself for taking action to heal yourself.

rrpbumps on penisR.R.P. Doctor is a specifically designed natural remedy for bumps on your penis and red rash on your penis.

bumps on penis headIt works  fast and is a very effective treatment for quickly reducing inflamation and healing of the bumps your penis.

Remember: This remedy is GUARANTEED to work – or you can have 100% of your money back.

The cost of this fast working remedy is only $97 for a full course, which is a 30ml bottle.

This unique remedy is prepared for you, by hand, by our experienced botanical therapist. Our natural plant extracts are extremely powerful.

  • R.R.P. Doctor™ is a 100% all organic and natural healing product, specially formulated from the highest quality, purest essential oils that have been proven to quickly heal penis bumps.
  • R.R.P. Doctor™ is 100% free from any man made herbicides, man-made chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and is 100% organic at the source.
  • R.R.P. Doctor™ is always shipped to you in discreet packaging.
  • R.R.P. Doctor™ can be used by men of all ages.

“Thanks for this remedy and for your discretion”

“This took only a few days to start working, and I felt definite improvement by day five. I have been using the remedy now for eight days and I no longer have that embarrassing itch or soreness. Thanks for this remedy and for your discretion.”


What Causes a Bumps on Penis?

treat red rash penisThere are many conditions that could cause of an red bumps on your penis.
The main one is fungal infection.

Here are just some of the other reasons:
Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Eczema, Irritation to soap/shampoo, Poor hygiene, Candida or thrush infection, Scabies, Pubic lice, Herpes, Contact dermatitis due to latex condoms and several more. (If you think you have herpes, see Herpes Doctor page). The remedy will quickly and easily reduce the red rash and heal any affected skin. This is where R.R.P. Doctor™ can definitely help you.

How do I use R.R.P. Doctor?

R.R.P. Doctor™ is applied directly to the red rash penis, at least three times a day. This unique formula quickly penetrates the cell membranes to immediately relieve and heal the red rash penis damaged tissues.

The formula can also be massaged under the feet to reduce further inflamation. Our organic essential oils are fat soluble, which allows your body to absorb the R.R.P. Doctor™ formula directly into your immune system through the blood stream, bypassing the kidneys and digestive system. This helps to reduce future inflammation and is an important and often missed part of the healing process.

R.R.P. Doctor™ helps all penile bumps, red rash penis conditions, eliminating any bumps or rash and appearance associated with most cases of penile bumbs and greatly speeds up the healing process.

There is no other bumps on penis treatment that is as effective as R.R.P. Doctor™ when combating and controlling this irritating, unsightly and sometimes painful condition.

How long does R.R.P. Doctor™ take to work?

Topical application can provide immediate natural penis bump relief.

Healing time varies from person to person, but most will experience fast and effective relief from penis bumps and discomfort. Penis bump relief is often noticed immediately. The symptoms may disappear quite quickly.

R.R.P. Doctor™ is for external use only, and should not be taken orally.

What is the cost of  RRP Doctor™?

This remedy is hand prepared and blended by our experienced therapist.

The cost of this fast working remedy is only $97 for a full course, which is a 30ml bottle.

R.R.P. Doctor™ eliminates all penis bumps, and red rash penis symptoms quickly and effectively. Results guaranteed!

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