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Natural Headache Cures


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Headache Pain Doctor™ is a NATURAL fast working, and very effective treatment for quickly reducing your headache.


This headache remedy also helps relieve any underlying stress.


This unique remedy is hand prepared for you by our experienced botanical therapist.

Remember: This remedy is GUARANTEED to work – or you can have 100% of your money back.

Headache Pain Doctor™ is 100% free from any herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and is organic at the source.

Headache Pain Doctor™ can be used by adults and children of all ages.

What causes headaches?

There are many possible causes for headache including poor diet, dehydration, insufficient exercise, arthritis and several other conditions. However, whatever the cause, your headache can be relieved by using Headache Pain Doctor™. This unique headache treatment is quick, simple to use and very effective. If pain has spread from your joints to your muscles, extra relief can be obtained by using Headache Pain Doctor™ in conjunction with our Muscle Pain Doctor™ product for complete and natural joint and muscle pain relief.

How do I use Headache Pain Doctor™?

Headache Pain Doctor™ is typically applied 3 times per day directly to the temples and back of the neck. This unique formula quickly penetrates the cell membranes to immediately relieve headache symptoms. The formula can also be massaged under the feet to reduce further inflammation. Our organic essential oils are fat soluble, which allows your body to absorb the Headache Pain Doctor™ formula directly into your immune system through the blood stream, bypassing the kidneys and digestive system. This helps to reduce stress and is an important and often missed part of the healing process. Headache Pain Doctor™ helps eliminate the causes of head pain.

There is no other natural headache product that is as effective as Headache Pain Doctor™ when combating and controlling this painful condition.

How long does Headache Pain Doctor™ take to work?

Typical application can provide immediate natural headache relief. Healing time varies from person to person, but most will experience fast and effective pain relief from headache.

Headache Pain Doctor™ is for external use only, and should not be taken orally. The product is not to be used when pregnant or nursing.

What is the cost of Headache Pain Doctor™?

This remedy is hand prepared and blended by our experienced therapist.

The cost of this fast working remedy is only $97 for a full course, which is a 30ml bottle.

Headache Pain Doctor™ eliminates all headache pain symptoms effectively. Results guaranteed!

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately



Customer Reviews

“All my joints ached all over my body and apart from the non-steroidal painkillers, there was nothing my Doctor could do.
I heard about Aching Joints Doctor on a online forum, and after talking to Jan I ordered the remedy. At first I did not notice nything,
then after about ten days I realized I hadn’t had a pain killer for 2 days. Jan, I am so pleased I could honestly cry, please send mr some more so I never ever run out. ”

Danni O - Kansas

“My achy joints and muscles were getting so bad that I thought I would have to change my job. Which is frightening nowadays. I only bought your Aching Joints Doctor because of your money back guarantee. I needn’t have worried. I am virtually pain-free, the only days I feela pain is when it rains, which I have read is not unheard of. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks and you can use my words on your website,I am so pleased.”

Terri K - Los Angeles

“I have had aching joints all over body for nearly seven years. I have lost my job, nearly lost my marriage and have been diagnosed with depression for 4 years.
After trying your aching joints remedy I had the strangest reaction, I cried for almost two hours, I have no idea why. Anyway,I have to say my joints ache less and I feel somehow, cheerier. I am continuing with your treatment, and am taking much less painkillers, which means I can at last go to the toilet again.”

Mrs H Jones - London


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Clove organic extract, Rosemary  organic extract, Geranium  organic extract, Juniper  organic extract, Sweet Almond  organic extract,

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

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