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All My Joints Ache? Achy Joints And Muscles? No Problem – Heal Now


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Arm Rash Healed Fast


Mother Natures Remedy for Arm Rash


Sooth Erythema Rash in Seconds

Underarm Rash, Erythematous Rash or arm rash? you probably wondering what you have and how to treat it.

Your skin is an organ of excretion. That means your skin is supposed to gently release toxins througH its surface. If you have n underarm rash, erythematous rash or a straightforward arm rash, then it means your bodies excretory system is overloaded.

If you have an underarm rash, erythematous rash or a straightforward arm rash, then don’t worry because herbalist Joe Johnson can help you, vry simply and easiliy.

However, first lets look at what your Doctor and science has to say about underarm rash, erythematous rash and arm rash.

If you go online, the Doctors say… “A rash is a change of the skin which affects its color, appearance, or texture.”

Wow, I bet that makes you feel a lot better.

It goes on to say, “A rash may appear on one part of the body, or it may appear all over the persons skin. Rashes often appear to change the color of the skin, it might itch, it may go bumby, it mat go warm or even hot. The skins texture may change, causing it to go bumpy, or chapped, sometimes dry, occasionally cracked or blistered, it may swell, and may sometimes be painful.”

So there you go. Nothing you didn’t already know.


More often than not, unless you see an expensive specialist, your Doctor will not be able to tell you the cause of your arm rash.
This means that he or she will be guessing what treatment to offer you for underarm rash, erythematous rash or a straightforward arm rash.

Whilst most treatments from the Doctor for arm rashes vary widely, most of them have one thing in common.
They are toxic to your skin, yes that is right, they are toxic in that they often contain chemicals, drugs, hydrocortisone, steroid topical creams and other stuff to shock your bodies immune system.
In the short term, these creams or ointments often appear to work. But in the long run, your underarm rash, erythematous rash or a straightforward arm rash invariably comes back, often worse than it was before.

This is why herbalist Joe Johnson did his extensive research into arm rash, and after various trials of natural organic herbs, he came up with Arm Rash Doctor.
Arm Rash Doctor is a clear, silky, oily liquid. Just a few drops massaged onto your arm rash will quickly soak into the rash, stop it itching and make is less visible. Arm Rash Doctor has a low odor, and is only needs to be massaged onto your skin three times a day.
It will not harm or stain your clothes. More to the point, Arm Rash Doctor will stimulate your bodies own excretory mechanisms back into health – plus quickly healing your arm rash.

Unlike the toxic stuff that your Doctor or drug store will pedal you, Arm Rash Doctor does not harm your bodies immune sytem or excretory system. Rather it works with nature, in stimulating your body to get back to making healthy skin.

Arm Rash Doctor is small,easy to use, and works wonders on your underarm rash, erythematous rash or your arm rash

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately


Customer Reviews

“I had tried all kind for my erythematous arm rash from my Docs, and it cost me a small fortune – but nothing worked.
A nature path recommended your Arm Rash Doctor remedy to me and because I was at my wits end with itching and scratching my self red raw – I tried it.
I am so glad I did. After two days the itching and scratching stopped, that was it!”

B Knieval - Butte, Montana

“As a truck driver I think being stuck in the truck all day caused my underarm rash. I had arm rash for many years, sometimes groin rash too.
I used your remedy like you said and it was gone in a week. Both arm rash and groin rash.
Now I use it once a day just to keep things from ever coming back.”

Don H - Newport

“It took my three years to find a guy I wanted to date and really see again, then I got a bright red, lumpy arm rash! I was in a right state. Your Arm Rash Doctor remedy got rid of my arm rash and got me a lovely guy! Seriously Jan, your arm rash remedy is fantastic. Than you so much for your excellent service.”

Tina F - Moses Lake, Washington


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Red Thyme organic extract, Tea Tree organic extract, Marigold organic extract, Lemon organic extract, Sweet Almond organic extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

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