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Unexplained Bruising? Bruising Easily? New Bruise Treatment Here


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Helps Reduce Unexplained Bruising


Helps Prevent You from Bruising Easily


Simple Yet Powerful Bruise Treatment

There are a number of reasons why you may be bruising easily or have unexplained bruising. Before you decide on any form of bruise treatment lets have
a look at the possible cause of your bruises.

1. One cause of bruising easily and unexplained bruising is that it is natural that as you get older you will bruise more easily – so look after yourself.

2. Another cause of bruising easily and unexplained bruising is Purpuric Dermatosis – This condition, is more common in older people, these tiny bruises are so small that they looks like cayenne pepper from afar. These bruises are caused by blood leaking from small capillaries.

3. Blood Disorders are another cause of bruising easily and unexplained bruising. Disorders such as hemophilia and leukemia can cause unexplained bruising. These conditions are rare but it is worth getting checked out.
4. Diabetes is another possible cause of bruising easily and unexplained bruising. If you have diabetes then you may develop dark skin discolorations. Again, get yourself checked out.

5. Over Doing It During Exercise. Lifting heavy weights can cause bruising easily and unexplained bruising. Lifting heavy weights can cause your blood vessels to burst and lead to bruising. Think before you lift.

6. Medications. Drugs like aspirin, anticoagulant medications, and anti-platelet agents can cause bruising easily and unexplained bruising. They often reduce your blood’s clotting ability and make bruising more likely.

If you want to avoid further bruising then first of all get yourself checked out by a Doctor, just to stop any worrying about bruising easily and unexplained bruising. Then double the amount of fresh vegetables in your diet. If you cant bring yourself to do that then order the herb Horsetail from Amazon or Ebay. The natural ingredients in that will help reduce further bruising.

To treat any bruises that you have right now I would recommend Bruise Doctor. This is a 100% organic herbal remedy. Just massage a few drops onto your bruise and the swelling will reduce
quickly and the discoloration will go quickly too.

Apply the clear, odorless drops several times a day. This bruise treatment promotes natural healing without drugs and chemicals which actually slow down the healing process. This bruise treatment carries a full 90 day 100% money back no quibble guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. This bruise treatment is available today and can be sent out to you today.

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately


Customer Reviews

“I went to my Doctors after having unexplained bruising on my legs and arms. She did all kinds of expensive tests but was unable to find out what was wrong. She told me unexplained bruising on legs, arms and torso was common and that I need not worry. But I was the one living with the bruises, so I went to the health forum I am a member of,and someone posted about your Bruise Doctor saying it worked for them. Not wanting to spend my money, I ignored it. But over the next month or so, the bruising got worse, so I went back online and got your Bruise Doctor. I have used it for about three weeks, and I would say 80% of the bruises have gone. I just have one persistant bruise on my calf which is going, but not gone yet. ”

Emily A - Boston

“Being a sportsman, I get used to bruising. But as the bruises lingered, I noticed I was bruising easily, much more easily than others. The team doctor checked me out and said there was nothing to worry about.
I contacted Joe Johnson, he told me to get horsetail herb from ebay or amazon, drink it twice a day. He then told me to massage a few drops of Bruise Doctor remedy onto my bruises twice a day. After two months I no longer bruise easily and after a game, my bruises heal quicker than my team mates.”

Geoff G - Memphis

“Your Bruise Doctor bruise treatment is now a part of my kit bag. I put it on my bruises after every game and it keeps the bruises down and me looking good. Thanks Joe.”

Pete B - Nashville


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