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Home Remedies for Bronchitis? Treatments Walking Pneumonia


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Stops Bronchitis Infection - within 72 Hours


SAFE Bronchitis Treatment Stops Coughing & Phlegm


Kills The Bacteria that Causes Bronchitis & Walking Pneumonia

As a herbalist, I am often asked what is walking pneumonia symptoms or what are walking pneumonia symptoms?
The thing is, you here all kinds of stuff about pneumonia and bronchitis, much of it untrue and frightening.

Walking pneumonia is a mild case of bacterial pneumonia. This often features symptoms similar to the common cold, which include:

  • A persistent dry cough, which sometimes gets worse at night time.
  • A low level of fever.
  • Sometimes you will experience shortness of breath.
  • Often you will feel fatigue or tiredness.
  • When you take a deep breath you may experience chest pain or cough.
  • You may also lose your appetite.

You can go to the Doctors to get yourself diagnosed and treated for walking pneumonia symptoms or bronchitis – or you may choose to treat yourself.

There are many home remedies for bronchitis and many excellent treatments bronchitis.

As a herbalist, I made my first breakthrough in 1990, treating walking pneumonia symptoms and bronchitis.
You see, I realised that a healthy person is covered in the bacteria, yeasts, mycoplasma and moulds that cause bronchitis and pneumonia – yet they do not get bronchitis and walking pneumonia because their immune system has protected them.
So it stands to reason, that most bronchitis and walking pneumonia is caused by a weakness in the immune system.

Standard treatment for walking pneumonia symptoms or bronchitis is a packet of antibiotics. This treatments bronchitis will kill off the germs, but will weaken your immune system, leaving you wide open to further infection in a month or two.

So the easy way to treat walking pneumonia symptoms and bronchitis is to

1) kill off the bacteria, yeasts, mycoplasma and moulds that cause bronchitis and pneumonia – without causing further damage to the already weakened immune system
2) Strengthen the immune system.
It is that simple!

First of all, to strengthen your immune system you need to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and preferably eat raw food for a few days. Also drink at least 2 litres of water for one week. This combination of fresh food and water will revitalise your immune system.

To kill of the bacteria, yeasts, mycoplasma and moulds that cause bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms is much simpler.
I developed the Bronchitis Doctor Remedy to kill off the parasites that cause bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms – without harming your immune system at all.

The remedy consists of three very powerful natural antibiotics, the common names of these plants being cinnamon, thyme and clove.
A few drops of each of these plants is all that is needed. The oils of these plants are put into a bowl of steaming water. You inhale the vapours and the microscopic droplets
of natural antibiotics are taken into your lungs to kill off the bacteria. It does this instantly – and it does it without harming your immune system.

Many thousands of people have looked online for home remedies for bronchitis and have found the Bronchitis Doctor remedy. It has worked for tens of thousands of people, young and old.

This is the most powerful, effective and easy to use of all home remedies for bronchitis. Bronchitis Doctor is made from pure 100% organic plant extracts.

It is your road back to healthy lungs, bronchitis free, pneumonia free, breathing like a youngster again.
Whether you are looking for treatments for bronchitis or pneumonia, I am so confident that the Bronchitis Doctor remedy will work for you that I will promise you a 100% money back refund- no questions asked – if it does not get rid of your bronchitis or walking pneumonia.
I can afford to give you this promise because I have helped tens of thousands to clear their lung infection with this remedy.I can get the remedy sent out to you today. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately


Customer Reviews

“I smoked a lot in the past, and I get bronchitis once or twice a year. I tried every home remedies for bronchitis, some helped, but I still ended up on antibiotics, causing me all kinds of thrush and yeast infection problems.
I had heard of Bronchitis Doctor and eventually tried it, because I had nothing to lose. Jeez, it is strong stuff! My chest felt better
in seconds. I know that sounds like bullshit, but I can honestly say I think the infection and cough was all but gone in 3 days. Amazing stuff.”

Wall T- Denver

“All treatments bronchitis are dangerous, I know that. I have experienced them for myself. The antibiotics, the inhalers, the steroids. Your bronchitis Doctor remedy, well I have seen nothing like it. Pure plant extracts that cleared my bronchitis, cleared my cough and infection in 4 days. I am keeping it ready, just in case the bronchitis comes back.”

Stephen M - El Paso

“I could not breath,literally I was coughing, wheezing like a violin, my friend said I had walking pneumonia symptoms.
What is walking pneumonia symptoms? I asked her and she showed me on Google. I was sick with pneumonia and sick with worry. I had chest pains, green phlegm, wheezy chest, you name it, I had it. Plus pains in my sinus too. She bought me your Bronchitis Doctor treatment and I can honestly say I think she saved me. The walking pneumonia symptoms started to clear up the same day. Whilst I lay in my bed I prayed to the Lord and I did get better.
Within a week I was back to my duties. My coughing had nearly 100% gone, my chest pains had gone and nearly all my energy returned.  I will be forever grateful to my Lord and to you for doing his great work.”

Nellie D - Washington


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Red Thyme organic extract, Cinnamon organic extract, Clove Leaf organic extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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