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Osgood Schlatter Disease Adults and Children? New Treatment Here/h1>


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New SAFE Herbal Formula That Stops Osgood Schlatter Disease in Children Worldwide


The Breakthrough in Osgood Schlatter Disease Treatment


Herbal formulation sparks self healing in legs


New Herbal Formulation Stops Osgood Schlatter Disease in Adults

Most people assume that Osgood Schlatter Disease appears in children only. Whilst it is true that Osgood Schlatter Disease does affect mostly children and teenagers, it is not uncommon at all for Osgood Schlatter Disease to affect adults. Most adults with Osgood Schlatter Disease go undiagnosed, as such they can suffer for years with painful shin bones, swelling, tenderness, or even increased warmth around the kneecap and shinbones.

If you are an adult with Osgood Schlatter Disease, then I have an Osgood Schlatter Disease treatment that has been proven to work on hundreds of adults. And thousands of children have got rid of their Osgood Schlatters pain with this natural, safe and easy to use treatment.

But first of all, what is Osgood Schlatter disease?

Doctors believe that it caused by overuse of the knee,(or sometimes injury of the knee). This overuse causes a lot of pain, tenderness and swelling below the knee area.
This is an important extract, which I have taken from a highly esteemed medical site…
“Typically, Osgood Schlatter Disease in adults and Osgood Schlatter Disease in children it is characterized by inflammation of the patellar tendon and surrounding soft tissues.”
Oh really…?

The important word here is INFLAMMATION.

Assuming there is no prior physical injury, why would the tendons, muscles and soft tissue below and around your knee suddenly become inflamed?
The reason of ‘overuse’ is , if you will forgive the pun, a lame excuse. Many children play all day for years with developing Osgood Schlatters. Many adults spend eight hours a day working on their feet, yet their tendons, muscles and shins never become inflamed.

I have treated hundreds of children and adults with Osgood Schlatters disease. I have successfully done so by supporting the natural healing mechanisms in the body and supporting the immune system. I have selected natural healing herbs, that when combined, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and boost the bodies own healing processes.

The Osgood Schlatter Disease treatment I developed is called Osgood Schlatter Doctor. It is a blend of 100% organic healing herbal extracts. It is clear oily liquid, that is odorless and only a few drops need to be massaged onto the shins and knee three times a day – and once at bedtime.
It is so easy to use that as well as adults, children under ten can use it and many do with great success.

The remedy contains Clove organic extract, Rosemary organic extract, Geranium organic extract, Juniper organic extract and Sweet Almond organic extract.
The clove extract is proven to reduce inflammation of the tendons and surrounding muscles. The Rosemary helps to reduce pain as the healing takes place. The Geranium promotes your bodies own healing mechanisms to’reset’ the nerves in the inflamed area. The Sweet Almond also relaxes the person and is used as a carrier for the more potent extracts. The Osgood Schlatter Doctor has proven so effective that we can now offer you an amazing Guarantee. If the Osgood Schlatter Doctor does not get rid of your pain, if it does not get rid of the inflammation and tenderness,then you may have a full refund of your money, no questions asked. Osgood Schlatter Doctor really is that good.

If you have any questions about this proven osgood schlatter disease treatment, or osgood schlatter disease in adults or osgood schlatter disease in children, then please get in touch with me or my team, we would be delighted to help you.

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Customer Reviews

“My daughters legs are now virtually pain-free. She loves your osgood schlatter disease treatment, she puts it on herself after ever game and after her bath time.”

Jill P- Broken Arrow

“I played hockey twice a week. The pain in my shins was sometimes unbearable, yet too many painkillers and I could not play. The Osgood Schlatters Doctor treatment took nearly a week to work, but after that things changed quickly, much less pain around my knee.”

Karl K - Orillia, Ontario

“I train children in gymnastics. I have total praise for your osgood schlatter remedy and your customer care team.”

Lynette F - West Palm Beach


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Clove organic extract, Rosemary  organic extract, Geranium  organic extract, Juniper  organic extract, Sweet Almond organic extract,

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.


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