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What is Gripe Water For? Gripe Water for Babies? Stop Baby Crying


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SAFE Treatment for your Babies Colic


A NATURAL Remedy to STOP Baby Crying


A PROVEN Colic Treatment for Babies & Infants

Thousands of parents every day go to Google and type in ‘how to stop a baby from crying’. If you are one of these poor parents, please do not despair, you are not alone. Right now, as you sit there pulling your hair out, there are millions of other parents out there, just like you, almost completely inconsolable. But, chin up,right now I am going to share with ou one of Mother Natures secrets, from now on you are going to know how to stop a baby from crying.

First of all, lets dispel a few old wives tales. In days of old they used to sell gripe water for babies crying.
What is gripe water for? Gripe water used to contain alcohol and this was given to babies to stop them crying.
Nowadays, alcohol is no longer present in gripe water – for health and safety reasons – and now it no longer works.
what else is gripe water for? Gripe water for babies was used to reduce the babies colic – in the hope that this was another way how to stop a baby from crying.

Whether it was right or wrong to put alcohol in gripe water, now, for all intents and purposes it no longer works.

So what can you do to stop a baby from crying?

Well, as a herbalist of over twenty five years I have helped thousands of worn out parents stop their baby from crying. After hearing tales of almost every evening ruined by relentless crying baby, the almost suicidal parents are desperate to try almost anything. But I tell them this. Remember, it is not your fault. Baby just needs to feel different, it needs to feel better – and it will drift of to sleep.
It was with this in mind when I first began my research into how to stop a baby from crying.

If I could come up with something that did no harm to the baby, helped the baby stop crying and them stopped it crying in th future, then I wold be happy – and so would millions of exhausted parents.
After trialing different combinations of relaxing herbs, with herbs that heal the digestion, I came up with a 100% pure organic remedy.

You simply massage a few drops of this clear, almost odorless liquid onto babies tummy – and within a few seconds the baby begins to stop crying – and often within a few minutes baby drifts off to sleep

So what is this solution called? It is called Colic Doctor – because it relieves babies colic too.
Colic Doctor is gentle and is one of the most effective ways of how to stop a baby from crying.
Many moms and dads have said that just by rubbing the babies tummy with these gentle healing drops has greatly increased the bonding and love between themselves and their baby.

Colic Doctor is gentle yet effective. Whilst the remedy is 100% pure organic herbal extracts, it is for external use only. I am giving you the same guarantee that I offer to my personal clients. Take the remedy away and try it on your baby and see if it works. I know it works for most parents and babies, but you can try it for three months, and if you (or your baby) is not satisfied then you can have a full refund, no questions asked. All my clients are happy with that guarantee – and I am sure that you will be too. If you order Colic Doctor today then I will get it sent out to you today.

If you have any questions about what is gripe water for, gripe water for babies or how to stop a baby from crying, then please get in touch with me and I will be delighted to help you.

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Customer Reviews

“What is gripe water for? Seriously, it just doesn’t work. I tried your Colic Doctor remedy. I just massaged it into his tummy ad he was asleep in no time at all. Thank you from me, thank you from my husband and most of all, thank you from my now happy baby.”

Emma R - Raleigh

“I now know that using gripe water for babies crying is a waste of time and money. Colic Doctor gets my baby to sleep every single time.”

Elizabeth D - Omaha

“How to stop a baby from crying? Easy. My babies colic was driving me and my husband apart, we just could never ever get a moments rest. We used Colic Baby Doctor and it sorted all three of us out, thank you so much.”

Marjory G - Miami


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