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Bedwetting Solutions? Stops Wetting the Bed and Urine Leakage


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STOPS Children & Adults Wetting the Bed


Natural & SAFE Bedwetting Solution


Prevents Urine Leakage - without Drugs!

If you or one of your loved ones is wetting the bed,then I want you to know that you are not alone with this problem and much can be done to reduce and even stop urine leakage.
Wetting the bed is very common in adults as well as children, and nowadays there are many bed wetting solutions.
Whilst some of the bed wetting solutions are a technological nightmare, there a a few bed wetting solutions that take the gentler approach and often seem to work.

First things first, wetting the bed is natural. It happens to men, women, boys and girls, it happens to us all from time to time.
Usually it is caused by the nervous system being upset or bothered by something. This ‘something’ could be in the persons awareness or it is often out of awareness and the person has no conscious idea why they are wetting the bed.


Stress is a much used word, but it means different things to different people. What is a simple problem to one person, can cause urine leakage and wetting the bed to another person. So rather than explore bedwetting solutions like bedwetting alarms, fancy blankets, fancy pants, electronic pajamas, why not focus on the background cause, the persons nervous system?
After all, it is the nervous system that controls the bladder.

Joe Johnson is a herbalist who has looked at urine leakage, and wetting the bed for many years. He has developed a bedwetting solution that works hand in hand with the persons nervous system. He has produced a gentle yet powerful herbal blend of 100% organic plant oils that are gently massaged onto your tummy three times a day, plus last thing at night, before getting into bed.
The remedy is a clear, odorless oil, and easily dissolves into the skin. It has a gentle calming effect of the nervous system, whilst strengthening and normalising the persons nerves.
Often wetting the bed and urine leakage can stop immediately, whilst for others the problem goes away more slowly. Either way, the person feels better in themselves.

This bedwetting solution deals with the underlying issue, that of the nervous system needing support, and that is what this bedwetting and urine leakage remedy does. The remedy is called Bedwetting Doctor. Joe Johnson, the herbalist, says that results vary from person to person, but the Bedwetting Doctor helps all people with a urine leakage or bedwetting problem.
He says that this natural bedwetting solution is so gentle yet effective, that if the Bedwetting Doctor remedy does not work for you then he will give a full 100% refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Joe goes on to say, “The herbs in this bedwetting remedy are specifics for your nervous system. Just massage a few drops onto your tummy and allow your nerves to move back to a healthy place.”

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Customer Reviews

“My poor daughter was suffering from the anxiety of wetting her bed. My husband and myself were exhausted from the nightly bed sheet changing saga.  Nothing seemed to work. We had tried every gadget, every alarm, all the bed wetting solutions on the market – we had tried them. My mother suggested we take our daughter to a herbalist, but there are none within a 100 miles. We found Bedwetting Doctor on the internet and chose it because it is natural and we liked the idea of that.
I massaged a drop of the remedy onto her tummy at bedtime and like you said, this alone will help her sleep and help her anxiety.
The first week she appeared tostay the same, but at the end of two weeks she seems to have stopped wetting the bed.”

Julie - San Diego

“I was going through a divorce and drinking too much. That was when I got into the ‘habit’ of wetting the bed. I was embarrassed, ashamed, annoyed at the extra washing of bed sheets, I was an emotional mess. Your remedy has settled my anxiety, my nerves are so much better. Since using your remedy, after a couple of weeks, wetting the bed has become a thing of the past. From my heart, I thank you.”

Bill C - Florida

“I have been having a few bad days with urine leakage, during the day, at work, in the office, with my co workers only a few feet away. I was so stressed I was in tears.
I tried absorbent pads and whist they soaked up the pee, they did nothing to stop the urine leaking. My Doctor told me that I am ‘normal’ and he prescribed me an anti-anxiety drug.That made me so dopey I could hardly work. Your Bedwetting Treatment was suggested to me by my sister, after she found you online. I was a little skeptical but was willing to try it. I kept the pads on, but massaged a drops of your remedy into my tummy and by Friday of the first week, my pad was dry all day. It has been that way for nearly three weeks. Only on day did I have a little urine leakage and I put this down to me suffering from stress. (I no longer take the medication from the Doctors.) Could you please send me one more urine leakage treatment please as I don’t want to run out and it helps my nerves.”

Brenda H - Houston


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