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Natural Remedies for Babies & Children

Safe & natural remedies designed to tackle common problems for babies & children, including bedwetting, colic, constipation & growing pains.

The natural health treatments for babies & children designed by Best Natural Remedies are made safely and naturally, and are designed to provide the body with what it needs to tackle common problems effectively and safely. Though Best Natural Remedies have many herbal remedies that have been proven to help children, I am very reluctant to recommend them over the internet, as herbal remedies can be powerful, and a child’s body is often sensitive and the systems, organs and structures are not yet fully formed. Therefore, I will only recommend remedies that are applied externally to your child’s skin. These remedies are still very effective.

Take a look at some of the natural treatments for babies and children that we have available…

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Bedwetting Doctor

Bedwetting Doctor works to safely and effectively eliminate bedwetting.

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Colic Doctor

Colic Doctor is designed to effectively eliminate symptoms of Colic in infants.

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Osgood Schlatter Doctor

Osgood Schlatter Doctor works to target symptoms brought on by Osgood Schlatter.

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Arm Rash Doctor

Arm Rash Doctor works to safely and effectively eliminate rashes on the arms.

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Constipation Doctor

Constipation Doctor is designed to effectively eliminate symptoms of constipation.

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Aching Joints Doctor

Aching Joints Doctor works to target pain brought on by aching joints.

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“Since I applied the arm rash remedy to my boys arms and legs, the soreness has cleared up massively and he’s sleeping much better and seems a lot happier through the day. Very happy with this product!”


“My baby boy has always suffered from constipation but this remedy really does seem to have done the trick. He’s much more relaxed and having no toilet troubles at all any more! 5 stars for this product!”


“After being told my daughter was suffering from serious growing pains I didn’t have a clue what to do! I didn’t want to give her any harsh medication or drug, but this natural remedy has led to her being so much more relaxed and happy. She doesn’t seem to be in pain at all any more!”


Natural Treatments for Babies & Children by Best Natural Remedies

A popular children’s remedy is Osgood Schlatters Doctor, which is used to quickly stop pains in the knees, back and legs. This remedy is simple to use. Many children apply the remedy themselves after physical exercise at school, and at bedtime at home. This remedy also works for adults too. Another popular remedy is Bedwetting Doctor. Enuresis or bedwetting is a very common complaint, in children and adults. This remedy helps to calm the nerves that are responsible for bedwetting. It normally takes a few days to work, but some experience success on the first night. The child or parent can apply this remedy. Apply just a few drops of this silky oil to the tummy area at bedtime.

Baby Colic Doctor is a gentle but effective remedy for your babies colic. This blend of healing oils brings instant comfort to baby. Be careful when treating your baby for constipation. You do not want to give a baby drugs for constipation. Make sure baby is getting lots of fluids and green vegetables. If baby still constipated, then massage a few drops of this gentle, sweet smelling remedy onto babies tummy three times a day. Success should follow naturally in a few hours, or up to a day. Growing pains affect many children, right up to adulthood. The severe pains in the legs, back and bones can be terribly painful. This pain can be treated without harmful drugs and painkillers. Growing Pains Doctor is the same remedy as Osgood Schlatters Doctor. It is because different countries call this condition different names. Growing Pains Doctor is simply massaged into the painful area and the healing herbs allow the bones to grow, without your child feeling like their bones are splitting. This is a very fast acting, simple and effective remedy.