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Rectal Fissure? Anal Fissures Treatment? Don’t Worry


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“I got instant relief the second I applied the remedy to my anus. I could move again – pain free! My fissure was healed within three days.” GB – Florida

“I was going to pay thousands of dollars for surgery. Thank God I discovered Anal Fissures Doctor treatment. It really worked… Fast pain relief and so easy to use.” FD – Oregon


Anal Fissures Healed Fast!


Rectal Fissures Healed Fast!


Anal Fissure Pain Stopped in Seconds

anal fissure treatment

What is an anal fissure, rectal fissures?

When you first begin to suffer from an anal fissure, your first question may be, What is an anal fissure?
After all, it can be an embarrassing condition, and anal fissures, sometimes called rectal fissures, are not often talked about.
So, just so you know, an anal fissure or rectal fissure, is a break or tear in the skin of the hole in your backside, which is known as the anal canal.

Often you will first be aware of your Anal fissures by red blood on your toilet paper, or sometimes by a bit of anal bleeding, which can be shocking when you first see it drip
in the toilet.
Depending on the type and sixe of your anal fissure – or rectal fissure – they may cause you sharp stinging pains when you go for a poo, (also known as defecation).
Normally, the longer you have a rectal fissure then the pain tends to reduce, unless it gets infected.
(Don’t worry, I can show you how easy it is to prevent anal fissure infection in minutes.

Anal fissures usually appear around your the anal opening, rather like the fingers on a clock, radiating outwards from the center.

The depth of your anal fissure- rectal fissure will depend on many things, including how your got your fissure.
This could include things like poor diet, anal sex or a simple yeast infection that weakened the anal skin.
Your fissure may be on the surace of the skin of your anus – rectum, or if it is dep, it may penetrate down to the rectal muscle.

Treatment for Anal Fissures

It is always recommended that you initially try non-surgical treatments for acute and chronic anal fissures/ rectal fissures.
After all, can you imagine how painfull your backside will be after it has been cut and stitched up by anal surgery? No, it is definately not your first option.

Here are you recommended treatments for anal fissures and rectal fissures.

1) Get yourself on a diet that includes fresh fruit and figs. Seriously, these will soften your poo and reduce the amount of stress on your anal fissure.
2) Get some magnesium inside of you. Magnesium supplements are cheap. Or if you have Epsom Salts in the house, drink a small solution of that every day. Again this will soften your poo and reduce the pain in your anal fissure.
3) You have got to reduce the risk of getting an infection in your anal fissure – rectal fissure, by killing all the germs and fungus around your anus.
4) You need to protect the healing of your anal fissure so that the split anus heals up – as fast as possible.
5) You also, if possible, have to reduce the pain and discomfort of your anal-rectal fissure, so that you can get on and enjoy your life.

The solution has been developed by herbalist Joe Johnson and it is very effective, it is called Anal Fissure Doctor.

Anal Fissure Doctor is a blend of powerful antibiotic and anti fungal herbal oils.
Just a few drops of this powerful, sweet smelling, clear herbal oil remedy massaged onto your anus several times a day will
1) Kill all the germs and fungus around your backside.
2) Instantly reduce all pain and discomfort of your rectal fissure
3) Promote rapid healing by encouraging your own immune system to heal the split as fast as possible.
4) Using the Anal Fissure Doctor once or twice a week will prevent the fissures from coming back.

All natural ingredients in stock. Your order made-by-hand and dispatched immediately


Customer Reviews

“I had been suffering with a rectal fissure for over a month. The creams my doctor gave me did nothing but ‘numb’ my anus for an hour or two. When my Doctor suggested possible surgery I went online.
Your Anal Fissures Doctor remedy did exactly what you said it would. The pain went almost immediately and the fissure healed up in a week or so. Brilliant.”

Tom G - Colorado

“I had tried virtually every treatment for anal fissures and I was literally depressed that I was never going to find true healing. I spoke to Joe and applied the remedy. It was so simple. The infection was gone in no time, and slowly but surely my fissures healed up.”

Terry D - Texas

“I was so embarrassed. I went to the druggist and spoke to the the assistant about my anal fissures. She shouted to the Druggist, ‘What is an anal fissure?”
I could not believe it! I ran! The next day I ended up online and fortunately I discovered your Anal Fissure Doctor treatment.
I followed you instructions and applied a few drops three times a day.And fair enough, just like you said, the pain went first, the infection went second, the healing came third – and OI have no more anal fissures. Thanks for your remedy, thanks for your decency and providing a fantastic anal fissures treatment that truly is wonderful.”

Stephen T - Chicago


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You have nothing to lose – and so much health to gain.


Clary Sage organic extract, Frankincense organic extract, Geranium organic extract, Myrrh organic extract, Sweet Almond Organic Extract

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

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